Cheap Hotels in Tehran
Cheap Hotels in Tehran

     Are you planning for a budget trip to Tehran? That's fine, In this list, we want to introduce you to the best cheap hotels in Tehran. You can choose the best option for online hotel reservation in Tehran based on the best location and price.

Best Cheap Hotels in Tehran   



Persia Hotel Tehran

Persia Hotel Tehran       Start from 19 €

Marlik Hotel Tehran

Marlik Hotel Tehran       Start from 22 €


Shahr Hotel Tehran

Shahr Hotel Tehran       Start from 13 €   


Morvarid Hotel Tehran

Morvarid Hotel Tehran       Start from 20 €

Escan Hotel Tehran

Escan Hotel Tehran       Start from 23 €


Bahar Hotel Tehran

Bahar Hotel Tehran       Start from 15 €


Hally Hotel Tehran

Hally Hotel Tehran       Start from 21 €


Jahan Hotel Tehran

Jahan Hotel Tehran       Start from 21 €


Pariz Hotel Tehran

Pariz Hotel Tehran       Start from 19 €


Alborz Hotel Tehran

Alborz Hotel Tehran       Start from 18 €


Frequently asked questions about Cheap Hotels in Tehran


How much is average price for cheap hotels in Tehran per night?

It is around 15 USD - 25 USD for 3 star hotels including Breakfast and Wifi. 

Can i pay at Hotel my invoice when i arrived?

Well No. Becuase in many seasons hotels have a limited availibity and rooms and for guarantee your room we need to recieve deposite from you.

Can i pay by my Visa and MasterCard?

Yes. We at IranHotels accept Credit Card payments Online. so when you made a booking with us, we will send you a payment link and you can pay it by your Card.




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