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Iranian Rial

The Iranian Rial is the currency of Iran. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Iran Rial exchange rate is the USD OR EURO to IRR Rate . The currency code for Rials is IRR, and the currency symbol is ﷼. 



What is difference between Rial and Toman? 

The official currency is Iranian Rial (IRR) and all notes are printed in Iranian Rial. But in daily life, locals almost always talk about Toman. Don’t get confused. Toman is just another way to tell the price of goods and services, but there are no actual bank notes in Toman. Whatever it is in Iranian Rial, delete one zero of the amount and you have the price in Toman and vice versa.


For example: Your Taxi driver asks for 50.000 Tomans. Add one zero and you have the price in Rial (500.000 IRR).

Where to exchange money in Iran?

Exchange money in Iran is usually diffrent from other countries, you can't change money in Banks and instead there is exchange shops that do it for you, they dont accept credit cards and you can only do it Cash! 

We at offer you Exchange services with Best Rates. For your convenience we also accept Visa and Master Cards.


How to Transfer money to Iran?

If you want to transfer money to Iran there is not direct bank from out side Iran to do that for you! but don't worry, there is a way, you can transfer money to one of our bank accounts in Turkey, UAE, Beligium or Bahrain and we can pay you in any bank accounts or Company in Iran. 

For Exchange and Money Transfer Requests Please contact us.


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