Iran Souvenirs
Iran Souvenirs

Iran souvenirs:

Read the following article on Iran souvenirs and get more familiar with Iranians souvenirs. We are going to provide information about 10 unique souvenirs, you can buy from Iran. When you travel to this unforgettable country, be sure to visit great bazaars in different cities. All these bazaars are full of numerous fascinating things mostly found in Iran. You are not sure what to look for? Do not worry. Be with us to get more.


Persian Carpets

Persian Carpets is considering one of the most famous Iran souvenirs, and there is no doubt everyone knows it. Persian Rugs and carpets are made mostly by silk or wool. Those which are 100% untainted silk are cost more and have a shiny finish. You can find this amazing souvenir in:

  • Vakil Bazaar Shiraz
  • Kashan
  • Isfahan
  • Tabriz 
  • Tehran bazaars.

Before buying, look at the back of a carpet, this kind of carpets have a soft backing and more knots. An excellence rug commonly has at least 120 knots per square inch.


Persian Saffron

Who does not know about Iranian Saffron? Saffron is another thing special to Iran and is famous all around the world. It is a worthy choice as a souvenir. As the most expensive spice in the world, Saffron is taken from the flower ofsaffron crocus”. Iranian consider it in their food. It is expensive but it is a major source of antioxidants and that is why more are requested.

Super Negin, Negin, Sargol is 3 types of best Iranian Saffron which we offer you. Dosent matter if you want 1 gr or 10 KG . we provide you the best souvenirs from Iran. also we have Air Cargo services for request more than 1kg and we can send it to your destination .


Price for 1 KG            Sargol   899 USD     Negin 999 USD    Super Negin 1100 USD

Delivery to China, Turkey, UAE, QATAR, Germany, Russia, Iraq. 


Iran Caviar

Caviar is one of the best Iran souvenirs and highly famous. Iranian caviar is considered one of the best caviar in the world. Bandar-e Torkaman is the most common place to collect Persian caviar. It is an exported item and tastes like a sea candy.

Without tasting Iran Caviar do not be back. The cost of caviar is more affordable in this country; however, it is sold for a high cost in other countries. I am completely assured you are going to love it. Iranian people can male different kinds of food by using caviar. You can give yourself a chance of trying these delicious foods via visiting Iran.


I am not sure you are heard about Minakari before or not. Minakari is one of the most famous Iran souvenirs come from Isfahan. Before visiting this city do not come back. Minâkâri comes in plates, vases, chalices, and other decorative items, Bazaar of  Isfahan is full of aesthetic beauty and easily can capture everyones attraction.

Why do not buy Minakari items and handcrafts as the best Iranian souvenir? Minakari is the traditional handicraft of Isfahan and is more famous among Iranians. 


Khâtamkâri boxes are also native to Isfahan. Khâtamkâri is the Iranian art of marquetry. Some of these items are completely pure while others have miniatures painted on the top. These boxes are a great gift for friends though youll want one for yourself. Khâtamkâri boxes are used as:

  • jewelry boxes
  • picture frames
  • backgammon boards

Do not hesitate to watch out about this astonishing souvenir in this country, I recommend you to find more handicrafts, there are unique to each city and prepared with lots of love.


The art of ghalamzani is used to create decorative designs on trays, plates, vases, and silverware. This is more famous in Esfahan. Walking through bazaar of Isfahan you can hear the sounds of solid banging.  

Ghalamzani is one of the most common jobs in this city and most of the metalworkers are related to this art. You can easily pick up a custom-made piece that the artist just finished and make this souvenir even more memorable.

Persian Turquoise

Persian Turquoise is native to the city of Neyshabur. Neyshabur is located in the northwestern part of Iran. This precious stone is extracted just outside this towns mines. Turquoise is used in art forms such as:

  • firoozeh koob
  • pendants
  • rings
  • other jewelry

We have to mention that this precious stone also is said to have healing properties in Persian culture. Keeping it detoxifies the body and guards you against the evil eye. There is no scientific reason, but most of Iranian believe. Turquoise is the best way to get it back home.



 Pistachio is an Iran souvenir and also is more famous among visitors. You can  buy this souvenir for your friends or yourself. Pistachio is common in two shapes:

  • shelled pistachios 
  • pistachio seeds.

The delicious pistachio with the best quality is from Rafsanjan in Kerman and is a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it. Iranian Pistachio is exported all over the world and believes me you can buy it for a good deal in this country. 


Handmade Clothes

Handmade Clothes also are the most attractive Iranian souvenir. Every city has its handmade clothes, for instance, Yazd is famous for its termeh. Pateh is native to Kerman. Ghalamkâri is the traditional textile of Isfahan which uses wooden stamps to press arabesque patterns into cotton clothes. 

Depending on the city you are visiting, try to know about its handmade clothes. This kind of stuff is really attractive and useful. Check out more of them to buy from Iran to bring back home with you.


Persian tea (Chai)

Let’s talk about  other Iran souvenirs : Persian tea (Chai), Iranian people drink more Persian tea, maybe at the first glance it is considered odd, however, do not hurry. You need to try it before making any judgment. Would you like to know about the best Persian tea brands? I can recommend to you: 

  • Sargol tea
  • Momtaz tea
  • Chai Shekasteh

Do you have an extra space in your baggage? So why do not buy a tea set featured and have tea in the true Iranian way? Iranians are great tea drinkers. Tea sets also are found in every home. Besides Persian tea, a set of saucers, especially tea glasses, and teapot including the so-called image of Shah Abbas is going to attract your attention. 

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