Iran Travel Debit Card
Iran Travel Debit Card

Iran Travel Card

Well probably you know that Visa & Master Cards Don't work in Iran and you can't use them in any ATM or POS machines in Iran. Many websites offers you to bring money in Cash to Iran. But it can be difficult to carry your money cash everywhere. 

So what is the solution?

IranHotels Travel Agency offer you a unique solution for you:

Our company with the participation of one of the Iranian banks offers you Iran Travel Card. this cards you can use it everywhere in Iran like a local. 


What is the advantage of Iran Travel Card?

- You can pay at all shops, Restaurants and everywhere with POS machines

- You can receive cash from ATM every day 2.000.000 Rial

- Real Exchange rate

- Charge your card with Visa & Master Cards online


So do not worry about changing money and carrying cash in Iran and travel to Iran with peace of mind.
Iran Hotels is with you from the beginning to the end of your trip to Iran

For ordering Iran Travel Card contact our agents on WhatsApp (+98)9222071101 or Email:




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