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Have you ever thought about travel insurance? why we need insurance during travel? what would happen if we don't have insurance? is Travel Insurance worth it? these questions make your mind ready for what you want from the insurance company and will inform you about Iran travel insurance. So if you want to know more about travel insurance, read the following articles.


Travel insurance


What is Iran travel insurance?

If you are reading this article, you are planning a trip to Iran. No one can deny that traveling anywhere in the world requires travel insurance, and Iran is no exception. If your question is whether insurance is necessary to travel to Iran? The answer is yes.


One of the reasons we insist on getting valid insurance for traveling to Iran is that without insurance, you cannot get your visa from the embassy or visa office at the airport. Second to none, some unexpected accidents and damages occur during the trip that insurance helps you, do not pay for any catastrophe, and you were safe from some mistakes. Insurance companies protect you with insurance. Iran travel insurance can support improve travel conditions. There are several benefits to being insured by Saman Insurance. In the continuation of this article, we want to acquaint you with those benefits and provide you with the best insurance.

Iran travel insurance can help improve travel conditions. There are several benefits to being insured by Saman Insurance. In the continuation of this article, we want to acquaint you with those advantages and provide you the best insurance.


Iran travel insurance


Why you need travel insurance?


1. Anticipation is important in travel

Think one of your companions has an accident while traveling. You have to go to the hospital or the police and explain what happened to them. If you have Iran travel insurance, the cost of the accident for you has reached the minimum possible and you can easily continue the trip or decide to turn back to the homeland. That is why travel insurance is imperative.


2. The cost of treatment is expensive in other countries

Another reason foreigner need Iran travel insurance is that the cost of treatment in Iran is very expensive. When an accident happens to you or your fellow travelers, no country will accept your social insurance, and you must pay all treatment or hospital costs by yourself. The same is true about dentistry. But if you have had travel insurance, you can easily reduce the costs or leave prices to the insurer's hand.


3.Compensate for travel delays

Travel delays are one of the most common experiences that often make travelers anxious and nervous. Delays are normal and often occur in abroad trips. But if you have travel insurance, the insurance company will make up for all these delays. Remember that no delays or negligence are accepted by the passenger and are not covered by your travel insurance. As a result, only airline delays, luggage, cancellations are covered by insurance.


4. Travel insurance is cost-affective

Some people think that travel insurance is expensive and they have to pay plenty of money for insurance before traveling. But they are completely wrong and insurance does not cost much. In fact, the unfortunate things that happen to you during the trip and you have to pay a lot will be more. Therefore, get insurance at the best price before any damage and travel safely. You do not need to take out long-term travel insurance. If you want to travel for a week, only get seven-day insurance at a low price.


Saman Insurance


Benefits of providing travel insurance from Saman Insurance

Iranian travel insurance companies, especially Saman Insurance Company, usually cover all conditions of travelers. From the reimbursement of medical costs such as poisoning, medicine, hospitalization, and even the death of the passenger to the loss of documents or luggage, all will be covered by Iran travel insurance. But there are other issues covered, which we will briefly describe below:


-The cost of hospitalization is up to 10,000 euros.

-In case of illness, ambulance and air medical services will be provided immediately.

-Dental costs

-In the case of passenger death, Repatriation and Returning of the corpse will be done without any cost limit.

-If your documents such as passport or identity card were stolen will be helped up to a maximum of 200 euros.

-Considering the loss of luggage up to 150 euros will be given to the person.

-If a traveler faces a health problem or someone's death and is not able to use departure flight, the cost for the insured person turns back to them.

-If death or hospitalization of the insured person would happen, repatriation of insured person children to the homeland, who are under 15 years old granted without limit.


Iran travel insurance rate table

More often than not, Iran Travel Insurance rates vary based on age and length of travel. The younger you are or the shorter your stay, the cheaper the insurance will be. On the other hand, if you are older and your visit is longer, the insurance rate will increase. To get familiarized with the insurance rates and prices, see the table below carefully.


The most economical insurance is seven-day insurance and is the best choice for tourists.


Insurance rate


How does Saman Insurance insure you?

Every insurance company has rules for insuring passengers based on its company protocols. We tried to provide the easiest and best way to ensure passengers. The traveler sends his/her passport to us and announces the date of the trip to us. Before processing the information, the insurance fee must be paid with Visa or Master Card, and the insurance will be sent to them within 24 working hours. So we will send the fastest travel insurance in Iran to the applicants, and we will protect them during the voyage.


To conclude, if you are planning to travel to Iran and enjoy the advantages of travel insurance, refer to Saman Travel Insurance. Saman insurance team protects your health and wealth during the trip with the best price and maximum coverage, plus makes a pleasant trip for you.




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