Iranian Saffron
Iranian Saffron

 Iranian Saffron 

These days, saffron has become one of the most popular flowers that avail in a variety of uses. It also has many benefits that have led to its export from Iran to all around the world and even many people use it in cooking. This colorful and fragrant plant, which comes from saffron flowers, is beneficial for health, and some of them used as a drink. If you want to buy Saffron and always have it at home, it is better to purchase Iranian Saffron. Because Iran is the major exporter of saffron to the world and widely cultivated this flower.


How does Iranian Saffron grow?

Primarily saffron is in the form of a flower. This flower grows through the saffron bulb. After the bulb planted, it begins to grow and form a stem. Then a bud is formed at the end of the stem. After flowering, a purple flower with six beautiful petals created and has three red stigmas. These three red stigmas are the same colorful and fragrant Saffron that prepared with great effort by Iranians and imported to other countries.

Saffron compounds and types of Iranian saffron

Saffron has different compounds. This valuable nutritious plant is tested in laboratories and classified according to its composition. It is interesting to know that the more useful compounds of this plant, the more they are considered as high-quality Saffron, and they are more expensive. The most important ingredients of saffron include Crocin, Picrocin, and Safranal. Each of these compounds affects different aspects of Iranian saffron and make a unique plant.

Now we want to write about the types of saffron in Iran and offer you the best saffron to buy.


1. Super Negin

Super Negin saffron is a high-quality spice and also has the highest percentage of Safranal and Crocin. These two compounds have made good colors and smell and considered one of the best-selling saffron in Iran. 


2. Negin

This saffron has a lower quality than Super Negin saffron. But it is still popular and bought in large numbers. This high-priced saffron has no curve, and the branches are red.

3. Sargol

Sargol saffron is one of the most common and widely used Iranian saffron. This saffron does not have a yellow branch, and all parts of the branches are red.

4. Bunch

In addition to yellow branches, this kind of saffron located next to each other. This type of Iranian saffron has a yellow branch and turns red when it rises.


Pooshal is a saffron that has red stigmas with some yellow roots.

What are the health properties of saffron flowers?

Iran Saffron has many properties and benefits for human health. From toddlers to adults enjoy eating it, and its odor gives them a good feeling. Due to its unique compounds guarantees human health and delivers essential substances to the body. In the following of this article, we want to present the most imperative benefits of Iranian saffron.


1. Reduce anxiety

Nowadays stress and anxiety are unseparated parts of everyone's life. One of the most famous properties of saffron is that helps control anxiety and helps reduce the effects of depression. Many of the active ingredients in saffron affect the endocrine system and release helpful hormones. As a result, if you are dealing with a lot of stress, try to use saffron tea or use it in your food. 


2. Reduce the incidence of various cancers

It is hard to believe that a plant helps reduce cancer. The antioxidants in saffron prevent you from getting cancer in old age and prevent it to some extent. These antioxidants can prevent the proliferation of bad cells and in turn, increase the number of healthy cells.


3. Boost immune system

Saffron has special and plentiful nutrients such as vitamin C.  Most people prefer to use this plant as a flavoring or fragrance for food. However, consuming it in sweets or as tea boosts the immune system, and saves the body from many diseases.


4.Protect the heart


The heart is one of the most important organs in the body that needs nutrients. The goal of human beings is to have a healthy heart throughout life. The simplest and best way to protect the cardio is to buy saffron and consume it in food. Due to its potassium ingredient, saffron dilates the body's arteries and prevents high blood pressure, then so this process is led to a reduction in heart attacks. 

5.Diabetes control

As you know, diabetes is one of the most common and dangerous diseases. Millions of people across the world have this disease. The properties of saffron and the manganese in it help control your diabetes and lower blood sugar levels.


6.Strengthen bones


Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are other chronic diseases that affect many people. The organic and mineral substances in saffron cause calcium to reach your body. People who are middle-aged and do not want to get these diseases, it is better to start using Iranian saffron.



Contraindications to saffron

Remember, saffron indeed has nutritious and useful compounds. But using it too much can cause many side effects. Therefore, it is better to consume it in a balanced way during the day so it wouldn't do any harm. People who should be careful in the use of saffron tea or its food include:

1. People who have cardiovascular problems

2. People with cardiac arrhythmias

3. Pregnant and lactating women

4. Those who have low blood pressure

5. Do not use saffron if you are allergic to Lolium, Olea (includes olive), and Salsola plant species.

6. If you have a fast heartbeat, never consume saffron regularly


In this article, we have extensively described the types of Iranian saffron and the benefits of saffron. The type of saffron you buy depends on your experience. Therefore, any model of saffron exist in our collection and we export the best quality saffron to your country from 1 kilogram to 100 kilograms.  


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