Kish Island
Kish Island


Kish is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in the last two decades, especially in the last two years due to the rising exchange rate people are more inclined to travel domestic and the best option is kish island because it is as big as the island

Foreign countries are beautiful and you can travel to it at a much lower cost. Perhaps you know that Kish is one of the oldest islands in the Persian Gulf and has gone through a tumultuous history to finally reach Iran. It is the oldest island in the Persian Gulf, it is one of the most beautiful islands in this region.

Kish Island extends north to Iran, east to the Strait of Hormuz, and south to the United Arab Emirates, and west to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

 On average, more than 1.7 million tourists visit the coral island annually.


Economy: The foundations of the kish economy are based on the tourism industry and an important part of the island's income comes from this industry.  the existence of very good accommodation facilities, sea clubs with all kinds of water recreation, war, exciting recreation, shopping centers with cheap to expensive prices, relaxing atmosphere, etc. have all made many tourists go to this island.

In addition to tourism, kish native occupations include pearl fishing, palm cultivation, onion, and tobacco exports.


The population of kish island

 Kish Island is one of the small islands in Iran and does not have a large population. The native population of kish with a lot of effort is maybe 5,000 people. Many Iranian compatriots come to this island from all over the country to work and settle on it and so on the population of the island has increased compared to previous years, taking into account the immigrants who came to kish, we can say that the population of the island is about 30 thousand people.



Kish tourist attractions

 kish year has many tourist attractions.  and we cannot talk about them in one or two lines, kish has many historical and natural attractions that you may not be able to see all of them once you visit this island, it is important to know that kish island is nothing but the sea and

clear waters and shallow beaches have a variety of attractions.

Also, the coast of Kish island is not the best coastal region of Iran, but it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  golden, sunny, and bright beach with azure waters and turquoise sky that provides a wonderful environment for tourist trips.  perhaps this is why kish island has been called the pearl of the Persian Gulf.


Some of the tourist attractions of kish island are as follows:


- Island coral beach

- Permanent exhibition of master kiomars sayad

-Traditional reservoir

-Greek ship

- Large recreational pier of kish

- Mosques

- Green tree complex

- Dolphin park

- Bird garden

- karez underground city

- Sea turtles

- Aquarium

- Artists' passage

- City

- Ancient harireh

- Safari kish


Kish dolphin park

Kish dolphin park is one of the largest amusement parks in the middle east, which shows a stunning display of clever and lovable dolphin games.  Kish dolphin park is one of the most exciting and most visited tourist attractions on the island.

Kish dolphin park includes areas such as a bird garden and beautiful green space; in addition, the green space of the complex has more than 100 species of plants.  Dolphin Park in Kish, in addition to these creatures, hosts 21 different species of mammals.



Kish island climate


 kish has a hot and humid climate and in spring and summer it is hot and sultry and in autumn and winter, it has a very mild and pleasant climate. one of the best times to visit kish is autumn and spring because, at this time, the weather in kish is so good that it is as if you are in paradise. no, because there is a cool breeze from the sea that creates cold weather, kish island is usually dry and with little rain, and the rains that fall on this island are torrential, you can travel to this beautiful island and enjoy the attraction.  enjoy it.




The best hotels on Kish island


On a popular and busy island-like kish that travelers visit in summer, autumn, and even winter; the number of accommodations is large.  When the number and variety of accommodation in a tourist destination are large, the choice is easier for you.  Of course, among a large number of kish hotels, some have succeeded in gaining customer satisfaction and becoming popular among them.

there are several reasons for this popularity


Toranj hotel; a house on the water

The five-star toranj hotel, which invites guests to stay on the waters of the Persian Gulf with its unique view, is also especially popular among travelers.



Dariush hotel; Persepolis of kish hotels

A five-star hotel that has made travelers fall in love with its unique architecture and special facilities: Dariush hotel's architecture is inspired by Persepolis and its symbols



Vida kish hotel; new and popular

Vida hotel, which is one of the favorite five-star hotels for travelers



Kourosh hotel; close to shopping malls

The five-star Kourosh hotel with its seafront and island suites invites many travelers when booking accommodation.



Flamingo hotel; a hotel with beach villas

Flamingo hotel is one of the oldest hotels on the island, which started with a few villas.  today, the hotel also houses a four-story building with 202 rooms and suites.



Marina park hotel; the most beautiful accommodations in kish

Another 5-star hotel in kish that has been able to attract the attention of travelers is the marina park hotel


Panoramic hotel and luxury vacation experience on kish island

Panorama hotel is one of the newest and newest hotels in kish.



Shayan hotel, one of the oldest and best hotels in kish

There is a hotel with very beautiful architecture and five stars in kish that meets all the needs of travelers.



Iran kish hotel is suitable for family trips

One of the most attractive and best hotels in kish, which has a tower-shaped and cubic structure, is the Iran hotel



Mirage hotel, one of the best newly established hotels in kish

Enjoying modern architecture in the design of rooms and buildings is a great advantage for this hotel.


The beautiful island of kish is the cleanest region of Iran in terms of climate.  we recommend that you go to kish and enjoy the recreational and tourist attractions of the spectacular island of kish, as well as the clean climate of the pearls of the Persian Gulf.

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