Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and is known as the city of love. 

This city is the third most populous city in Iran, which was established after Tehran and Tabriz. This city has many historical and tourist places that we will know more about in the following. Shiraz is the cultural capital of Iran, a literary and cultural city.

Shiraz has long been known for its beautiful gardens and the city has many vineyards.

Shiraz is one of the most important tourism centers in Iran and the religion of most people is Islam. You can easily travel to this beautiful city from wherever you are because it has access to all cities of Iran and has made traveling to this city easily.

Shiraz is the best tourist city in Iran.  Shiraz is the most suitable city for all people with any taste and you will love it.


■ Shiraz tourist places

 ▪︎ Eram garden: Eram garden is one of the tourist attractions of Shiraz.  it is very popular with tourists due to its citrus trees and long street with beautiful cedars.


▪︎ wakil shiraz bath: Museums, gardens, historical monuments, along with many other attractions, have made shiraz one of the most attractive tourist destinations and shiraz tours one of the most popular tours.  among the many places of interest, the wakil shiraz bath is very famous.  this bath was built by the order of Karim khan and, in the center of shiraz, as a public bath, and is now available to the public as the wakil garmabeh museum.


 ▪︎ Karim khan citadel: Shiraz is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and shiraz tours are one of the most popular tourist tours.  among the sights of this city, Karim khan citadel is one of the most famous.  this magnificent building, which is located in the center of Shiraz, is one of the magnificent works of the Sandies period, which was built by Karim khan Zend, known as wakil al-royal, in 1180 ah.  this citadel was the place of Karim khan's rule and life and for this reason, it is known as Karim khan's citadel.  Karim khan citadel was included in the list of the national heritage of Iran in 1351. 


▪︎ Hafeziyeh: Hafeziyeh is one of the most famous sights of Shiraz, this place is famous because of the location of Hafez's tomb.

Hafez, who has a global personality, many domestic and foreign tourists come to visit this place every year.



▪︎ Saadi tomb (saadiyeh): Saadi's tomb is one of the most famous sights of Shiraz and has always been considered by literary friends and people of poetry.  the special atmosphere of this complex is attractive for any tourist and its unique building with a combination of old and new architecture, makes everyone love this place.



 ▪︎ Shiraz Quran gate: Shiraz Quran gate is another historical attraction of this city that few people do not know.  the Quran gate is located in the northeast of Shiraz, between the chapel magham and baba koohi mountains.  this gate is the exit of shiraz to marvdasht.  near the Quran gate, there are some famous attractions of shiraz, such as the tomb of khajavi kermani, Jahan Nama garden, and hafeziyeh.  the gate of the Qur'an was built during the reign of az-dawla salami, and a Qur'an was placed on it so that those who left the city could pass under the Qur'an.  Karim khan zand rebuilt the gate and placed two volumes of the Qur'an on top of the room he had built.


▪︎ Shahcheragh: Shahcheragh is the tomb of the brother of the eighth Imam of the Shiites. The people of Shiraz have a special devotion to this tomb and come to the shahcheragh tomb for pilgrimage and defecation.



■ Rest of shiraz tourist places:


- khajavi kermani tom

- bird garden

- afifabad garden

- delgsha garden


Shiraz hotels

Shiraz is one of the big and beautiful cities of Iran, where there are spectacular and historical attractions in every corner;

maybe that is why booking a hotel in shiraz has so many applicants.  the glory of shiraz and its attractions are so great that it does not matter at all how many times you travel to this city and book a hotel in shiraz; always like the first time, being in shiraz and booking shiraz hotels is pleasant and beautiful.  existence of historical and unique attractions, important government offices, various commercial centers, and various universities in Shiraz has caused many travelers from all over Iran and the world to travel to this city every year and book a hotel to make a good stay in this city. all travelers to shiraz are looking for the best hotels in Shiraz to stay and book.  shiraz hotels for all tastes and budgets, there are hotels, shiraz apartment hotels, inns, traditional shiraz hotels, historical accommodations, and eco-lodges for booking shiraz hotels.  for this reason, you can choose your accommodation from the best hotels in shiraz from among the various options that vary the price of the hotel in shiraz.


★★★★★ Travelers who travel to shiraz looking to book a five-star hotel, pay more attention to the facilities and modernity of the space than the price of booking a hotel in Shiraz; a feature that can be easily seen in five-star grandchildren in shiraz hotels. some of the best five-star hotels in shiraz are:


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★★★★ Shiraz four-star hotel reservation


 by booking four-star hotels in shiraz, you can pay less for the price of booking a hotel in shiraz, a complex with the best facilities and services, and book a hotel in shiraz.  facilities such as sports clubs, shop complexes, restaurant and coffee shops, round trip service, are just some of the features that shiraz four-star hotels have as the best hotels in shiraz.  the best four-star hotels in shiraz are:


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▪︎ saadi park hotel in shiraz


▪︎ karim khan hotel in shiraz


★★★ 3-star hotels in shiraz:


▪︎ Niayesh traditional hotel

 ▪︎ arg shiraz hotel

▪︎ roudaki shiraz hotel

▪︎ atlas shiraz hotel

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