Tehran is the most populous city and capital of Iran.

this city with a population of more than eight million is one of the 24 most populous cities in the world. people from different cities live in this city, but most of the people speak Persian and are Muslims.  Tehran is the center of Iran's economy and is the first industrial region of Iran.

This city is one of the most important tourist centers in Iran and has a collection of tourist attractions that include its palaces and museums.  The Freedom Tower is a symbol of Tehran and the charter of Cyrus the Great was unveiled for the first time in this place.  Milad Tower is another symbol of Tehran and the tallest tower in Iran.  Tehran hosted the 1974 Asian games, the first city in the Middle East to host the Asian Games, and the Azadi sports complex, as one of the most advanced of the time, opened at the same time as the games on September 1, 1974.

Tehran Weather


 Tehran has a semi-arid climate. The north of the city is cooler than other parts of the city due to its higher altitude.  Also, the dense texture, the presence of old gardens, parks, green space along the highways, and the lack of industrial activities in the north of the city have helped the air in the northern regions to be on average 2 to 3 degrees Celsius cooler than the southern regions.


Tehran Population


Tehran is a city with a variety of ethnic groups, but its foreign population is very small. Tehran had a population of less than 20,000 when it became the capital and has now become one of the most populous metropolises in the middle east.

According to the results of the 2016 census, Tehran has a population of 8,693,706.  Tehran is the 24th most populous city in the world and the most populous city in West Asia. Tehran has an older population than Iran and Tehran province.  it has a place in itself.  the distribution of age groups in Tehran is not uniform and the northern regions have a population with higher average age.  The suburbs also have a younger population.

Saad abad complex


If you are interested in visiting historical spaces, saad abad historical and cultural complex is one of the most prominent places in the contemporary history of Iran.  the last kings of Iran in the Qajar and Pahlavi periods lived in the saad abad palace complex.  visiting the saad abad complex can provide you with thought-provoking information about the contemporary history of Iran.


The national museum of Iran (museum of ancient Iran)

The National Museum of Iran (museum of ancient Iran) is the oldest, most important, largest, and richest museum in Iran.  This museum is divided into two parts: the ancient

and the Islamic era.  In the section of ancient Iran, historical objects from the paleolithic period to the Sassanid period are exhibited. In the Islamic section, works from the post-Islamic period are also displayed.



Darband is a great region with a climate. it is nice that the capitalists

 a lot of the crowds and traffic and air pollution of the city, go to this place to enjoy its beauty, and to eat a delicious meal in its many restaurants;

but this is not the whole story, and without the need to distance themselves from Tehran, they can go mountaineering and enjoy the pleasant weather and scenic environment.  walking on the rocky path of Darband and passing by various restaurants and vendors and eating all kinds of plums, sorrel, beans, cobs, etc. is the same thing, multiplies the separation of this area.


Ferdows garden


Ferdows Garden in Tehran is one of the beautiful gardens of the capital that has been remembered since the Qajar period.  this garden, which is located near tajrish square, is dedicated to the cinema museum and with its facilities such as cinema halls, cafes, and a pleasant and green environment, it is one of the hangouts of artists and art lovers.

Ferdows garden, also known as Ferdows museum garden, moayeri garden, and cinema museum; is one of the gardens and sights of Tehran, which is located in the pleasant neighborhood of Ferdowsi garden in the north of this city.  this garden became the museum of Iranian cinema in 2002.  this garden dates back to the Qajar period and the reign of Mohammad Shah and is considered a national monument


Tehran museums


 Since Tehran has many museums and covers everything from history and science to art and sports, it is a wonderful city for museum tours and more familiarity with history and culture, which will satisfy every taste.


Top hotels in Tehran


The city of Tehran, as the capital of Iran, receives many travelers annually.  this charming city has many accommodation options and it is difficult to choose a place to stay.


1- Espinas palace hotel

Tehran hotel address: Tehran - yadegar imam highway - Saadat abad - Payam boulevard - behrood square - abedi st. - alley 33


2- Eskan Alvand Hotel

 Hotel address: Argentina square - end of alvand street - esfarayen alley - corner of ahura Mazda


3- Parsian Esteghlal hotel in Tehran

 Hotel address: Tehran - vali asr st. - shahid chamran highway intersection


4- Roxan Hotel (formerly Novotel)

 Hotel address: 30 km of Persian Gulf highway (Tehran - Qom) - south side of the main boulevard of Imam Khomeini international airport - in front of passenger terminal no. 1


5- Parsian Azadi hotel

Tehran hotel address: Tehran - shahid chamran highway - evin intersection


6-Espinas hotel, Tehran blvd.

 Hotel address: Tehran - keshavarz boulevard - between Palestine street and Naderi - no. 126


7-Homa hotel Tehran

 Hotel address: Tehran - vanak square - vali asr st. - shahid khodami st. - no. 51



Why travel to Tehran?


 • Tehran is the capital of Iran.

 • Hosts cultural, political, sports programs and conferences,

 There are many educational, scientific, artistic, etc. |

 • Numerous historical, cultural, sports, artistic, cultural attractions,

 It has natural and ... in it.

 • One of the top five tourism destinations in Iran.

 • Traditional and modern markets and many shopping malls with products

 There is variety in it.

 • Some of the most famous shrines in the country such as

 imamzadeh Saleh, shah Abdul Azim Hassani, etc. are located in this city


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