Tehran Luxury Hotels
Tehran Luxury Hotels

Best 5 Luxury Hotels in Tehran

Now we are going to introduce you the 5 best luxury hotels in Tehran. These 5 Hotels are the best options for your luxury travel to Tehran. 

Espinas Palace Hotel…

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Persian Plaza Hotel…

Persian Plaza Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel…

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran



Wisteria Hotel Tehran

Wisteria Hotel Tehran

FAQ about Tehran Luxury Hotels


What is the average price for luxury Hotels in Tehran? 

The average price is around 50 USD to 100 USD for Standard rooms and 100 USD to 400 USD for Suites 

Do these Luxury Hotels include Free Breakfast?

Yes. all Rooms have a free breakfast 

Can i book Hotels in Tehran by Credit card ?

We at IranHotels.com for your convenience accept Visa and mastercards payment online. so you can feel relax for your hotel reservation by us. 


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