5 Star Hotels in Tehran

5 Star Hotels in Tehran 09/09/2018

Now we are going to introduce you in this article the Best 5 star Hotels in Tehran.

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5- Homa Hotel Tehran 

Homa Hotel Tehran

The five-star Homa Hotel Tehran has begun its activities since the 1950s. This hotel is located in one of the most pleasant weather areas of Tehran, Vali-e-asr Street, in a way that makes it easy for guests to access the major tourist and recreational attractions and main highways of the city. This hotel is also one of the best hotels in Tehran.

Homa Hotel Tehran was part of Sheraton Hotel Complex before the Islamic Revolution, which was confiscated after the revolution and was made available to the government.

This 15-storey hotel and 173 varied accommodation units include a double room, a regular suites and Royal Suites.

Other facilities at the Tehran Homa Hotel include a gym, a swimming pool and a sauna, massage therapies, 24-hour coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls.

4- Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel…

The five-star international Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Tehran, with a long history in the hotel industry, is undoubtedly between the most populated and best hotels in Tehran and Iran. This hotel, which is covered by Parsian International Hotels Company, is not only the largest hotel in the chain of Persian hotels, but is also the most unique hotel in our country in various aspects.

The hotel's original name was the Hilton Hotel, which after the Islamic Revolution changed its name to the Tehran Parsian Esteghlal Hotel. The hotel has two eastern and western towers, the western tower started its activities in 1341, and was renovated in the following years due to the success and importance of the hotel in its early years. The eastern tower was designed and built in 1351. The western tower has 261 rooms and suites and the east tower with 291 rooms and suites. Among the privileges of the Esteghlal Hotel you can reach the touristy attractions of Tehran such as the Saadabad Cultural Complex, the beautiful Mellat Park, the world's tallest and longest tele-cabin, Tochal tele-cabin, Niavaran Palace, the northern city mountains, the international exhibition and adjacent to the most beautiful street of Tehran, Valiasr Ave. This hotel is also locally located near the summit hall and is next to one of the main highways in Tehran, which makes it very easy to access Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports.

3- Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


The five-star Persian Gulf Espinas Hotel is one of the cleanest hotels in Tehran that attracts attention with its elegant artistic presence in the city. This is the first 5-star hotel in the Islamic Revolution which was opened in 2010 near the Laleh Park and the Contemporary Art Museum. Espinas is the mountain name of the Alborz Mountains in the Espinas region means staying in a bungalow.

Persian Gulf Espinas hotel is a newly built and luxurious hotel with a professional and expert staff for guests and passengers. The ability of the Persian Gulf Espinas hotel to provide VIP services is unique to travelers willing.

Espinas Hotel's privileges include a swimming pool, health center and cardio equipment, and large community halls located in an accessible area in the center of Tehran.

Persian Gulf Espinas hotel with a variety of accommodation units including suites and suites offering the best temperature control, audio, video and access to satellite news networks, the best and largest private parking, a gym, the most modern facilities possible for celebrations, seminars and International congresses, guests are welcomed in magnificent and modern halls, such as the Pasargad Hall and the Persian Gulf Hall

2- Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel…

The five-star Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is one of the largest international hotels in Iran located in northern Tehran in a cool spot near the Tehran International Fair and on the Alborz mountain range.

Before the revolution, the hotel was known as the 'Hyatt' and was affiliated with the Hyatt Hotel Corporation. In the 1370s, with the purchase of 51% of the shares of the hotel by Parsian international companies owned by the company and called 'Parsian Azadi Hotel'.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran has a wide variety of rooms, and guests can choose and book a living room according to their taste and quantity. These units have different layouts and views, and all amenities are provided for the guests. Luxurious services are also available that has made this hotel as one of the best Tehran hotels.

Parsian Azadi Hotel's restaurants are unique in nature and there is no guest that does not find a favorite food according to his taste.

This hotel has the best sports club, and has a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi for travelers' sports and leisure.

1- Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel…

The five stars Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Tehran, opened in Sa'adat Abad in 2015. This luxury hotel, one of the best hotels in Tehran, is known as the Espinas Palace Hotel or Kakh-e-Espinas Hotel.

Espinas Palace Hotel with twenty floors and over 400 rooms and suites and beautiful views of the Farahzad valley welcomes dear guests.

There are various restaurants with a variety of cuisine at the Tehran Espinas Palace hotel. The traditional and gala venues, shopping and sports centers, bowling alley and ... are among the other facilities of the hotel. Guests of this hotel can enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the Espinas Palace Hotel Lanton Restaurant with amazing views. Also, Iranian restaurants with traditional routings with a warm and healthy atmosphere with live music invite guests to delicious food.

Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel can be a good option for official ceremonies, because there are 12 meeting halls with a capacity of 1200 people, as well as 42 rooms for work and contract and economic goals. By staying at the Espinas Palace Hotel, quality and prosperity will find a new definition in your mind.


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