Aminoddole Caravanserai of Kashan

Aminoddole Caravanserai of Kashan 05/06/2019

Aminoddole Caravanserai
The Bazaar of Kashan is one of the most important and most beautiful Persian Bazaars that was destroyed in the end of the 12th century by the earthquake. However, during the Qajar era, especially during the reign of Fath Ali Shah and Naser al-Din Shah, ideally restored and many monuments were created during these reconstructions. Building Aminoddole Caravanserai (Timcheh) by «Jalal Aminoddole» is one of these monuments which is a great part of the Kashan tourist attractions. An Indoor Caravanserai at the intersection of bazaar (Chahar Sogh) is one of the numerous monuments of Farokh Khan, known as «Mian Chal», which its building finished in 1886 and it is a strong three-storied with a wide opening and it is not seen elsewhere in this width, length, vastness and magnitude, because in addition to the breathtaking beauties and geometric masterpieces that made this building unique, especially in the strength of the building and its architectural design, it has been used so carefully and skillfully that still no cracks has been found in the foundation of this building after one hundred years and its architectural and cultural values are not hidden for anyone. The geometric arrays of the ceiling of the caravanserai, which were made by Mogharnas, with brick and Kashi, and decorated in a special Iranian style, are displaying a very interesting, delightful and extremely beautiful view of its precise geometric regularity and its delightful design. However, Aminoddole Caravanserai belongs to independent individuals and it has not been supervised by archaeological maintenance works, but fortunately, due to the strength of its foundation, it has not yet begun to require any alteration in its building and it has remained in its original construction. But most of its doors and windows, which used to be in the form of Orosi, are now changed into doors and windows made by glass. The caravanserai connects to the bazaar by two large wooden doors. One of them connects to the small octagonal courtyard and another one connects to the southern large square courtyard and in fact a single unit is created in this complex which, according to technical experts, is one of the greatest masterpieces of the original Iranian architecture in the second half of the 13th century and represents various techniques of this art.
Jane Dieulafoy, who conducted detailed studies of historical works and buildings, commented on the caravansaries of Kashan and, particularly, about the Aminoddole Caravanserai when traveling to Kashan in last century: “The bazaar in this city is vast and its roof has small domes which are interconnected and there are many caravansaries which are storages for merchandises. The caravansaries are used for the settlement of merchants and they are different from other caravansaries, which travelers stay in. These caravansaries are such luxurious buildings. One of the best examples of these, is the new caravanserai made by merchants. Its shape is like a regular square pyramid and has an entrance door on both sides. The entire building is made with brick and has a beautiful view. There are three large holes in the ceiling, which sufficiently illuminates the indoor space. This important building, which is full of expensive merchandises, is showing the importance of trade and urban development better than any census and calculation.”
It confirms that there is a lot of things in Kashan that can be done and one of the things tourists who travel to Kashan can do is to visit this caravanserai. Nowadays, Aminoddole Caravanserai is a place for selling hand-woven rugs, other popular art crafts of Kashan and at this time, the art of the hands of people of Kashan is more visible and touchable than before by entering into this bazaar and caravanserai. It can be said that these monuments are located at the intersection of Baba Afzal Street in Kamal-ol-molk square, inside the great bazaar of Kashan and in one of the central parts of the bazaar, as the general address. The bazaar is covered by elevated ceiling and this very high elevation has become one of the most unique and fascinating features of this place, and the first thing that will surprise you is its eye-catching magnificence and greatness when you step into Aminoddole Caravanserai, which possesses every individual’s soul. This is a very large and three-storied bazaar, each of whose floor is decorated with splendid paintings, beautiful Kashi and mirror arrays. Describing the beauty of the Aminoddole Caravanserai is impossible, and perceiving the beauty of all these attractions are so difficult for the people who didn’t visit them closely. This bazaar and Aminoddole Caravanserai is more eye-catching, during sunlight and midday, than any other time, because a beam of sunlight creates a very delightful image through windows and pores to the inside of the caravanserai. Iranian artists have been thinking about everything, during the construction of this building, and they skillfully created a great illumination by using arch, window and hole on top of the ceiling. As mentioned above, Aminoddole Caravanserai is located in the middle of the Kashan bazaar, which is separated from the bazaar by two very large doors, and it can be said that this caravanserai is an independent place, but you have to pass through the bazaar to reach the Aminoddole Caravanserai.
More than 10 of Kashan hotels are built 10 kilometers from this building to satisfy the tourists who want to travel to Iran and travel to Kashan.

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