Arg of Karim Khan Shiraz

Arg of Karim Khan Shiraz 06/06/2019

One of the best tourist attractions in Shiraz is Arg of Karim Khan, which has always been of interest to both local and foreign tourists both in terms of architecture and its magnificent past. Every year many tourists come to visit this beautiful citadel. Shiraz tours will help you to find the well-known places of Shiraz as well as Arg of Karim Khan. There are many things to do in Shiraz in the following article will help you to know more about Arg of Karim Khan.

Everything about the Arg of Karim Khan
The Karim Khan Arg is located in downtown Shiraz. This citadel was built during the reign of the Zandieh Dynasty and after Karim Khan selected Shiraz as his place of residence. The Karim Khan Arg is located in downtown Shiraz. During the reign of the Pahlavi dynasty, the Karim Khan Arg was used as a prison. The construction of the Karim Khan Arg was performed between 1766 and 1767, and Karim Khan recruited the best architects of his time to make it. He also completed the construction through using best materials from inside and outside the country. Abdul Hussein Mirza the ruler of the Fars ordered to remake the miniatures painted on this building.
Arg of Karim Khan (Karim Khan Citadel) is a 4,000-meter building located in the center of an area of 12800 square meters. The citadel in the outside has 4 very high 12 meter walls, which are connected to four circular brick towers with a height of 14 meters with a 90-degree angle. Most of the materials used in this building are stones and plaster. All 12-meter-wide surrounding walls have a thickness of 3 meters at the bottom and 2.8 meters in the upper parts. The design of this building is in fact both residential and military. The residential parts of the citadel are located on the northern, southern and western sides. Each of these units has 6 living rooms and a porch. It's interesting to know that all the rooms are connected from the inside. All the rooms and porches are decorated with the decorations of this period and Mogharnas. In 1971, the Karim Khan Arg was transferred to the Department of Cultural Arts. This great building is now under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Visiting Sites near Arg of Karim Khan of Shiraz
There are lots of tourism attractions near Arg of Karim Khan. One of these Shiraz tourism attractions is Pars Museum in Shiraz in Nazar Garden which dates back to the Safavid period. Pars Museum is a glorious monument inside the garden of Nazar. This Museum has been built by the order of Karim Khan during Zand Dynasty about 200 years ago. The structure is a part of Karim Khan’s royal project as several other monuments were constructed near this garden such as Vakil Bathhouse, Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, etc. Nazar Garden is situated across from Karim Khan Citadel and it has been the place where Karim Khan used to meet the diplomats from other countries. Because of the influence of European arts in Iran, the mansion was named Kolah-e Farangi (foreign hat).The extremely attractive decorations along with octagonal figure as well at the tiles with floral motifs and birds have added to the beauty of this mansion. Since 1943 the building has changed its function as a museum. Therefore you can spend a whole day exploring the thought-provoking objects of this museum, if you are interested in Persian art, history and architecture.
   Art Museum of Meshkin-sham or Forough Al-Mulk's house is another Shiraz tourism attraction near Arg of Karim Khan which dates back to the late Qajar era. Forough Al-Mulk's house is located in the old section of Shiraz, in the black stone neighborhood and behind the Imamzade Bibi Khadijeh known as Bibi Girls. Forough Al-Molk's House was built in 1931 by Forugh Al-Molk Qavami at late Qajar and early Pahlavi period on an area of 1020 square meters.
     Another tourist attraction at the center of Shiraz is Khan School. This school was once among the educational hubs of Shiite Fiqh was taught. It has a unique architecture; the arches of Khan School Shiraz are decorated with attractive tiling and decoration.
     Yet, one more Shiraz tourism attraction near Arg of Karim Khan is Zinat Al-Moluk House. This house is made of wood and date back to 100 years ago. In addition to the nice atmosphere of Zinat Al-Moluk House, the wax statues of eminent Iranian elites are also available in this house.
    Last but not least Shiraz tourism attraction near Arg of Karim Khan is Vakil water storage (water container) that was built during Zand dynasty. As mentioned earlier when Karim Khan, the forefather of the Zand dynasty selected the city of Shiraz as his capital, he started to make new memorials and buildings that were essential for the city of that time. Karim Khan began to construct a bazaar in his capital which is known as Vakil Bazaar. Then, he ordered engineers to build a public bath as there were no baths in homes at that time. Within a short time Vakil Bath constructions also finished. But still a better source of fresh water was needed in the new capital of Iran, Shiraz. So, he decided to build a water preserve chamber, Vakil water storage. 

Shiraz Hotels, Restaurants near Arg of Karim Khan
After visiting Arg of Karim Khan of Shiraz, yet there are many things to do in Shiraz, one of them is to taste Iranian food. Dash Akol Traditional Restaurant, Sharze Restaurant, Vakil Traditional Restaurant, Kateh Mas Restaurant, Haft Khan Restaurant, Shah Abbasi Restaurant are the restaurants which  have only one kilometer distance with Arg of Karim Khan and through maximum 20 minutes walking you can have a good food.  Shiraz Hotels such as Zandiyeh Hotel, Taha Traditional Hotel, Parsian Hotel, Ario Barzan Hotel and Iranian Garden Guesthouse are among the hotels in Shiraz that you can find near Arg of Karim Khan. If you want to visit Arg of Karim Khan of Shiraz you can take a taxi otherwise public transportation is also available. 

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