Azerbaijan Museum Tabriz

Azerbaijan Museum Tabriz 10/05/2019

Tabriz city is one of the hidden gems in Iran. Tabriz city with its all history and beauty is located in the northwestern part of Iran. Tabriz is known as the historical capital of East Azerbaijan province, Iran. Many visitors travel to Iran to see historical and unique places and cities. If you want to travel to Iran especially in summer season Tabriz is one of the best places to stay and enjoy your trip. As it has pleasing cool weather during summer. In the case of not missing Tabriz tourism attraction, we recommend you to use Tabriz tours as they will help you to locate economic Tabriz hotels and the restaurants in which you can eat traditional foods. Tabriz tours will also help you to locate gift shops and buy the beautiful souvenirs of Tabriz. Therefore, such Tabriz tours will help you to manage your time easily and enjoy Tabriz tourism attractions. Following as a Tabriz tour we are going to introduce you Azerbaijan Museum which is a Tabriz tourism attraction and during your Tabriz tour, you should not miss it. 

Azerbaijan Museum
Azerbaijan museum is one of the significant and important Tabriz tourism attractions. Azerbaijan museum is very easy to spot as it is located next to the famous historical Tabriz tourism attraction known as the Blue Mosque. After Tehran national museum, Azerbaijan museum acknowledged as the second historic museum of Iran which includes pre-Islam and Islamic works. The regulating map of Azerbaijan museum has been provided by Andrew Gedar, a French archaeologist, and then Ismael Dibaj has depicted. At that time Ismael Dibaj was the manager of the culture department of Tabriz. In 1927-28, historic coins were exhibited in Tarbiat library and during these years the idea of founding Azerbaijan museum was suggested. In 1957, 202 historic pieces were sent to Tabriz to be exhibited in the national library. Later, historic objects of Tabriz were displayed in Nejat high school of Tabriz. 

Where is Azerbaijan Museum?
The Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz is located next to the famous Blue Mosque. Azerbaijan Museum contains three portions. When you enter the museum, first you may see the archaeological department, this section tells the story of Azerbaijan including the fifth century till the Sassanian Age. The most attractive objects were valuable Sassanian gold and silver plates.
The Azerbaijan Museum also demonstrate some matters from other portions of Iran, such as bronzes from Luristan and a Parthian statue from Susa. There are many substances, such as fifth-millennium ceramics which are from Ishmaelabad, an Iron Age idol from Rostamabad, beautiful Bronze Age ceramic, jewellery that is belonging to Khodafarin, a splendid Achaemenid rhyton and a marvellous gold cup which belong to the same age. In the first floor, the coins from Achaemenid period and seals (from early history to the Sassanian age) are available. 
In the basement, there is a small book store where you can buy archaeological books and a DVD with photos. Besides them, there is a hall which includes several bronze statues made by Ahad Hosseini, a Tabrizi artist. In the garden of the Azerbaijan Museum, you will find inscriptions which belong to the Islamic era.

Visiting Sites near Azerbaijan Museum
While visiting Azerbaijan Museum you can also visit Behnam house (Ghadaki House). The historic house of Behnam, is one of the eldest and historical structures in Tabriz. Uncountable old and traditional houses of Tabriz are among Tabriz tourism attractions which attract visitors every year. The Architecture of Behnam belongs to Naser Al-Din Shah period. It has 3,000 square meters and its architectural style is similar to other Iranian historical houses. Behnam house has two courtyards e.g. outer and inner. It includes the portico, corridor and balcony. One of the most significant architectural structures of Behnam House is its Knotting.
The Tabriz Iron Age museum is another museum in Tabriz which is near Azerbaijan Museum. It Tabriz Iron Age museum is located on the northwest, northeast and north of the Tabriz Blue Mosque. Due to the close distance of Tabriz Iron Age museum and Azerbaijan Museum, this exclusive museum is the inseparable part of Tabriz tours. Totally 38 graves of Iron Age have been discovered, among which only two couple skeleton is kept in Azerbaijan Museum. In your travel tour to Iran and even in your Tabriz tour to don't miss Tabriz Iron Age museum.
Nikdel house of Tabriz is another historic house that through its architecture reminds Qajar era. Therefore if you want to have more information about the Qajar era and type of houses in that era we recommend you the Nikdel house of Tabriz. According to Tabriz tours, Nikdel house is one of the Tabriz tourism attractions which every visitor wishes to visit it. Nikdel house is famous because of its mirror decorations.  It has two internal and external courtyards. The internal yard of Nikdel house is situated in the southern part and the external yard was in the northern part of this house.

Tabriz Hotels, Restaurants near Azerbaijan Museum
There are various types of restaurants that provide traditional and modern cousins all modem and traditional restaurants in Tabriz have family-friendly and old-style atmosphere. These restaurants are well- known for their high-quality foods. Emarat Restaurant, Ipek Yolu Restaurant, Haj Majid Restaurant, Moien Restaurant, Haj Ali Kebab, Salar Ark Restaurant, Sobhane Restaurant, Dr Nikk Restaurant, Golchin Nou Kebab Restaurant, and Letka Restaurant are the nearby restaurants in which you can eat delicious foods.
If you are eager to stay in the Tabriz for some days or more, Tabriz hotels such as International Tabriz hotel, Gostaresh and Sina Hotels, Estegbal hotel are among the hotels which Tabriz tours will recommend you. If you are eager to visit the clock square or city hall of Tabriz you can easily walk for ten minutes and visit them. If you want to try luxury hotels near Azerbaijan Museum, you can ask your Tabriz tour to reserve for you at International Tabriz Hotel, El Goli Pars Tabriz Hotel or Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel. Any type of Hotel is available in Tabriz according to your budget.


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