Bazaar of Tabriz an Immortal Treasure

Bazaar of Tabriz an Immortal Treasure 10/05/2019

Bazaar of Tabriz as a well-known tourist attraction of Tabriz, interests many tourists from all over the Iran and world. In the following article we will review the unique aspects of this Bazaar as well as its history, location, near sightseeing, hotel, restaurant and why it is famous.  

If you want to travel to Iran do not miss Tabriz city. Tabriz is one of the most populated cities in northwestern Iran. It is known as the historical capital of east Azerbaijan province, Iran. Tabriz is famous for its cool and pleasant weather during summer season. Tabriz tours will help you to find Tabriz hotels that are among the budget hotels. In other words, Tabriz tours will pave your way to locate the well-known and historical places as well as Tabriz tourism attractions and the things you are willing to do in Tabriz. Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the Tabriz tourism attractions that Tabriz tours will recommend you during your travel to Iran.

Bazaar of Tabriz 
Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the most imperative moneymaking hubs on the Silk Road. Bazaar of Tabriz is very famous as Venetian traveler Marco Polo has mentioned it in his travelogue and claimed that he has passed Bazaar of Tabriz while he was crossing the Silk Road. Bazaar of Tabriz includes many sub- bazaars such as Amir Bazaar which is famous for its gold and jewelry shops, Mozzafarieh Bazaar which is a famous and well-known for its Silk tableau rug, Tabriz hand knotted tableau rug (pictorial carpet) and other types of carpets, shoe bazaar, paper- seller bazaar, copper bazaar, cotton and fabric bazaar and many other various goods such as household items. In the 16th century, Tabriz and its bazaar were at their most flourishing stage. At that time Tabriz became the capital city of the Safavid realm. Although Tabriz lost its position as the capital city in the 17th century, but Bazaar of Tabriz has persisted its importance as a moneymaking and economic focus. At contemporary era, Bazaar of Tabriz is also the economic heart of the city and northwestern part of Iran. 
During Iranian Constitutional Revolution, Bazaar of Tabriz played a crucial political role. In July 2010, the Bazaar of Tabriz was registered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Why Bazaar of Tabriz Is Famous?
Bazaar of Tabriz is located along the most visited east-west trade directions. This bazaar consists of a sequences of interrelated, enclosed and covered structures made of bricks. Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the most significant international places for money-making and cultural interchange which is due to its trading connection especially during 12th and the 18th centuries. The structure and context of the Bazaar of Tabriz still displays the scheme, business, and materials of the period when it was built. The Bazaar of Tabriz is still an energetic and economically active place in which social, and cultural exchanges happen.

Visiting Sites near Bazaar of Tabriz
While visiting Bazaar of Tabriz you can also visit Tabriz central mosque (Jameh Mosque of Tabriz). This mosque is located near Bazaar of Tabriz and is one of the historical monuments of Tabriz. Its construction date of Tabriz central mosque is not known. Tabriz central mosque since its foundation has been enclosed by Bazaar of Tabriz. The most antique portion of Tabriz central mosque is massive roofed area. Tabriz central mosque has an arch and domes and artistic decoration belongs to the 5th century, therefore it is one of the famous Tabriz tourism attractions that are recommended by Tabriz tours. Tabriz central mosque was renewed during the governance of Mongol Ilkhanid Dynasty. Therefore in that time additional sections were built and high-altitude altar and decoration are the elements which remind the visitors about that era.
During the governance of Aq Qoyonloyaan, in the northern corner of Tabriz central mosque a giant tiled dome was constructed. All the visitors admire its height, structure and architecture. 
Another monument which has only fifteen minutes' walk distance with Bazaar of Tabriz is Constitution House of Tabriz, this house is nearby Jameh Mosque of Tabriz. This house which is one of the most well-known and respected historic houses of Tabriz is also recognized as Khaneh Mashrouteh. Constitution House of Tabriz is located in a district called Rasteh Kucheh in the western part of Bazaar of Tabriz. This house is about 1300 square meters and it has two floors built by stone and brick. Constitution House of Tabriz have 6 rooms on the first floor and the second floor has 6 other rooms with a big hall. Constitution House of Tabriz has a beautiful room which is located on the second floor and its doors and windows are covered by colorful glasses. Inside the building there are statues of constitution characters such as Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan. Materials such as constitution guns, personal belongings of the inhabitants, tools for printing constitution documents as well as announcements and the decree of constitution are available in this house.

Tabriz Hotels, Restaurants near Bazaar 
After visiting Bazaar of Tabriz if you feel hungry, Haj Ali Kebab is a restaurant with family-friendly and traditional atmosphere. This restaurant is known for its high quality foods. Haj Ali Kebab uses the fresh ingredients such as lamb or chicken meats, vegetables and Iranian rice, tasty. Moien Restaurant, Dr Nikk Restaurant, Ipek Yolu Restaurant, Tndyr Restaurant, Salar Ark Restaurant, Sobhane Restaurant, Letka Restaurant, Haj Majid Restaurant, Emarat Restaurant, Golchin Nou Restaurant, are also nearby restaurants that you can eat traditional or even fast foods   in which you can have delicious meals.
If you are willing to stay in the Tabriz hotels, Tabriz tours will recommend you Tabriz hotels such as Estegbal hotel, Sina Tabriz Hotel and Darya Tabriz Hotel that are among the budget Tabriz hotels. If you want to visit Bazaar of Tabriz you can easily take a taxi or if you are looking for a cheap transportation buses are available from each of above mentioned hotels to Bazaar of Tabriz. If you want to spend a night in a luxury hotel, there are some Tabriz hotels near Bazaar of Tabriz that you can reach them through the taxi or bus International Tabriz Hotel, Shahryar Tabriz International Hotel, Gostaresh Hotel, or Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel are among the Tabriz hotel's that are near Bazaar of Tabriz

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