Everything about the export of Iranian pistachios

Everything about the export of Iranian pistachios 24/09/2022

Iran is the largest producer of pistachios in the world and exports them to other countries. Due to the unique climatic conditions in Iran, pistachio planting is done on a large scale. Therefore, the export of Iranian pistachios to different countries of the world.. Iranian pistachios are at a high level in terms of quality, which is why they are bought and sold globally. Statistics show that thousands of tons of pistachios are exported annually from Iran.

Basic acquaintance with Iranian pistachios

Pistachio is a small tree that grows natively in the Middle East, especially in Iran. The product of this tree is a delicious nut that has many fans in the world. Currently, 60 different pistachios are planted in Iran, each with unique characteristics. Since the pistachio tree needs little water, it grows well in hot and dry areas of Iran.

The leaves of the pistachio tree are pale green, and its flowers are formed in clusters. Finally, these flowers turn into pistachio seeds, eventually reaching customers. The export of Iranian pistachios shows that this country ranks first in the world in exporting this product. The taste of Iranian pistachios is famous all over the world, which is why many people in the world know Iran by its pistachios.


Advantages of Iran's export pistachios

Apart from Iran, other countries, such as the United States, also sell pistachios. However, Iranian pistachios have characteristics that have made them famous. Iranian pistachio has a great variety, which is why it covers the needs of all customers. Each type of pistachio has its unique taste, which has increased the popularity of Iranian pistachios. Another advantage of the Iranian pistachio is that it has a bigger pistachio kernel. For this reason, the pistachio shell is light and will not weigh much. Another particular advantage of Iranian pistachio is its ability to be roasted.

Studies show that Iranian pistachios have a high thermal capacity. For this reason, you can heat the pistachios to 160 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, roasting pistachios makes them taste great and makes them the best possible choice. All these positive features have caused the export of Iranian pistachios to expand significantly. These mentioned items are only specific to Iranian pistachio, making it a unique option. In addition to these things, you must pay attention to the unique taste of Iranian pistachios.

Investigating Iran's exported pistachios

As we have mentioned, there are different types of exported pistachios, each of which has value. Each of these pistachios is grown in other regions, so there are many differences between them. To familiarize you more with this topic, we will check the types of pistachios exported from Iran.

Ahmad Aghaei  Pistachio

Check export of Iranian pistachios statistics. You will find that a significant part of it belongs to Ahmad Aghaei pistachios. The essential characteristic seen in this pistachio is its large size. Usually, many foreign customers are looking for coarse pistachios, which will be an excellent choice for them. The main customers of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio are from East Asian countries. The taste of this type of pistachio is also very delicious; you will notice this by eating it.

Akbari Pistachio

Many people believe that Akbari pistachio is Iran's most important export product. There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is that Akbari pistachios are stretched. Akbari pistachio is taller than all pistachio types, making it an attractive option for export. This type of pistachio has a higher price than others. Several thousand tons of Akbari pistachios are exported to different countries yearly, showing their high value.

Hazelnut pistachio

Hazelnut pistachio is one of the best-selling Iranian pistachios, which forms an essential part of The export of Iranian pistachios. This type of pistachio has a smaller size than the others. Since hazelnut pistachio is smaller, more of it is provided per unit weight. This positive feature has caused the export of this type of pistachio on a large scale. The most significant production of this pistachio type occurs in the Kerman province of Iran. The width of this pistachio is about 11 mm, which is smaller than other types of pistachios.

Badami pistachio

When we talk about Iran's pistachio export, almond pistachio is undoubtedly one of the essential items. This product looks very similar to almonds and is elongated. Also, its shell is almost white, which can distinguish it from other types of pistachios. The reasonable price of this pistachio has made foreign customers interested in it.


Statistical analysis of Iran's pistachio exports in 2022

To better understand Iran's role in pistachio exports, it is better to look at the statistics for 2022 to understand this issue better. In 2022, the number of pistachio exports from Iran will equal 135 thousand tons. This vital statistic shows that Iran provides a large part of the world's need for pistachios. The value of pistachios exported from Iran was equal to 900 million dollars. Also, this valuable Iranian product has been exported to more than 75 countries in the world. As you can see, most countries are willing to buy pistachio products from Iran.

Of course, a large part of this export was related to fresh pistachios with skin, which shows the high popularity of Iranian pistachios. China is the largest importer of pistachios from Iran, so it received 200 million dollars of pistachios from Iran in 2022. Other countries such as India, Russia, and Iraq rank next in the import of pistachios from Iran. Of course, some countries like Germany and UAE prefer to receive shelled pistachios from Iran.

Zarrin Atiye Tavana; The best exporter of Iranian pistachios

Considering that many global customers want to buy exported of Iranian pistachios, customers should take action to meet their needs. Zarrin Atieh Tavana is an active trading company in Iran that exports Iranian pistachios in the best possible way. This company receives the best Iranian pistachios from farmers and sends them to other countries. Fortunately, this company is familiar with all international trade laws. It carries out the steps of sending cargo with high speed and accuracy. Therefore, all applicants can contact this company and receive first-class Iranian pistachios in a short period.

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