Hasheminejad Kidney Center (HKC) Tehran

Hasheminejad Kidney Center (HKC) Tehran 15/11/2021

Hasheminejad Kidney Center (HKC) is one of the most well renowned medical centers throughout the country, distinct for being the only center fully dedicated to the fields of urology and nephrology in the capital Tehran, with 250 beds in active service.

HKC placed its name in Iran history of medicine, as the first hospital to establish a regular program for renal transplantation in this country (1983). Ever since, HKC has kept its position at the forefront of advances in the field. Apart from logging close to 2000 transplantations with graft survival data well above the national average, HKC has maintained a well established training program yielding successive generations of urologists internists, nephrologists and radiologists, and subspecialty courses thereof. Presently HKC holds the most comprehensive of advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities related to treating ailments of the urinary system.


  • Leading quality of care and education in country


  • Hasheminejad Kidney center is refferal center for kidney diseases that offer therapeutic, eductional and research services with excellent quality duo to health system.


  • Patient centeredness
    Staff dignity
    Save Excellence and Lean thinking
    social and environmental resposnsibilites
    Emphaty ans Partnership
    Knowledge base


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