Hotels near Tehran International Exhibition Center

Hotels near Tehran International Exhibition Center 08/11/2020

Tehran International Exhibition Center

Tehran International Exhibition Center is a large and important exhibition center in Iran and one of the most magnificent exhibition centers in the world. Tehran International Exhibition Center hosts more than 60 specialized internal and international exhibitions every year.

Tehran International Exhibition Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is one of the most important commercial and economic centers in Iran, which has a unique exhibition space, facilities and specialized personnel, provides a suitable platform for Iranian producers and traders. In addition to offering and demonstrating the trade exchanges and services, many opportunities are provided to develop international investments in Iran.

Tehran International Exhibition is located in the north of Tehran, near Chamran Highway. The exhibition is surrounded by Chamran Highway. To enter the Tehran International Exhibition, there are three gateways in the north, south and west, which can be accessed from 5 streets and the main route.

Address: Tehran, the beginning of the Persian Gulf Highway, Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition

Hotels near Tehran International Exhibition Center

The nearest hotels to Tehran International Exhibition Center are Esteghlal hotel Tehran, Parsian Azadi hotel Tehran, Evin hotel Tehran, Espinas Palace hotel Tehran. These hotels are so convenient and you can have a nice accomodation in Iran.

Esteghlal Hotel Tehran (Book Now)

Esteghlal Hotel is a five-star hotel in Tehran. This is one of the best hotels in Tehran. The desirable facilities and services of this hotel, along with its excellent location and pleasant weather, have made the reservation of Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran the first choice of travelers. It takes 7 minutes to reach Tehran International Exhibition Center and the distance is 3.45 kilometers. The price of booking a room in these hotels varies from 49$ to 100$.


Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran (Book Now)

By booking Parsian Azadi five-star Hotel, you will have easy access to tourist attractions such as Saadabad historical complex, Tochal entertainment complex and Jurassic Park. If you are looking for a hotel close to Tehran International Exhibition Center, Parsian Azadi Hotel is a good option due to its location on the main highways of the city. In addition, due to the good location of Azadi Hotel, guests will have a good view of the hotel rooms and breathe fresh air. It takes 11 minutes to reach Tehran International Exhibition Center and it is 5 kilometers. The price is 48$ to 95$ depending on the room you reserve.

Evin Hotel Tehran (Book Now)

The intersection of Yadegar Imam and Chamran highways is the place where you can see the four star Evin Hotel. This excellent location makes your way to the important centers in the north of Tehran easy and close. The Evin Hotel has different restaurants and other services of this hotel include confectionery, taxi service, laundry room service and outdoor swimming pool.  It takes 11 minutes to go to Tehran International Exhibition Center and the distance is 5.32 kilometers. The price is from 42$ to 88$.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran (Book Now)

The five-star Espinas Palace Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the Saadatabad area of Tehran. The public spaces are perfect and especially the equipped and standard rooms. In this hotel, all the expectations that come from a five-star hotel are best met. This feature makes all guests experience a comfortable and pleasant accommodation. It takes 9 minute to reach the exhibition and it is 5.88 kilometers far. The price is from 50$ to 130$.


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