Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran

Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran 28/10/2020

Today, Iran in the field of medicine and its equipment and facilities for performing various types of surgeries have made great progress.  Laser eye surgery is also one of the operations that Iran has been able to do well and has attracted many tourists in this field.  The quality of Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran has caused many people from all over the world to come to Iran for LASIK eye surgery.


Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran

 In general, LASIK is a type of surgery that is used to correct various types of eye lines and improve vision.  There are different types of Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran, which are used according to the type of disease.


 How long does laser eye surgery take?

 In general, laser eye surgery usually takes less than ten minutes for each eye, which includes laser flap removal.  But note that this time is determined according to the type of obstruction error of your eye and also the amount of correction required by your eye.  Note that using a laser only takes twenty to fifty seconds to correct your vision.  However, patients should stay in the clinic for about one and a half to two hours after LASIK surgery to make sure that nothing special happens to your eye.

Post-LASIK eye care and its consequences

Note that the success rate of Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran is very high and has very few side effects and you should not have any special worries about the threats of this operation.  You can leave the hospital immediately after the LASIK operation and return to your normal life.  Note that it is better if you still have pain using painkillers, use stronger painkillers and try not to be in a bright environment for about three days after the operation and be sure to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. To do this, you can use different types of sunglasses to protect your eyes.


 Hospitals and doctors in this field

 Farabi and Noor hospitals are among the best centers that you can refer to for your own Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran.  These hospitals are very specialized in performing LASIK eye surgeries and eye diseases.  Doctors who are very famous in this field include Dr. Seyed Hassan Hashemi, Dr. Houshang Faghihi, Dr. Mansour Taherzadeh, Dr. Ali Gholaminejad, and many other doctors that you can visit the hospital to use the services and expertise of these doctors to Return your eyes to their original state.



How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

Note that to answer this question, we must be aware of your type of eye problems. In general, the action that your eye needs determine the cost of your action. Typically, surgery to correct refractive errors in the eye is divided into standard and advanced waveforms. The use of each method has its own cost, which in addition to the cost of the operation, the cost of pre- and post-operative visits and the cost of medication is your own responsibility.  Note the cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in Iran for patients who have come to Iran as tourists, including items such as a complete preoperative examination for both eyes, postoperative examination in two days, eye treatment, four nights in a hotel, relocation  Private from the airport to the hotel and clinic as well as a translator who is available to you dear patients.



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