Narenjestan Qavam Garden in Shiraz

Narenjestan Qavam Garden in Shiraz 19/05/2019

Shiraz is one of the metropolitan cities, which is located in southwest of Iran. As one of the oldest cities of Fars province, Shiraz is well-known for its delightful gardens especially sour orange trees. The jam of sour orange blossoms is one of the souvenirs of Shiraz. Shiraz tours will help you to find the places from where you can by souvenirs of Shiraz. They will pave your way to locate hotels in Shiraz, so that you will have a safe and comfortable stay in Shiraz. In other words, Shiraz tours will help you visit the Shiraz tourism attractions and know the things to do in Shiraz. Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden is one of the Shiraz tourism attractions that Shiraz tours will recommend you during your travel to Shiraz.

History of Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden
One of the best tourist attractions in Shiraz is the Garden of Narenjest Qavam, which has always been of interest to both domestic and foreign tourists both in terms of architecture and its glorious past. Narenjestan Qavam Garden is located in Shiraz city and in the BalaKaft neighborhood near Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street and is one of the historical Shiraz tourist attractions
    This building belonged to the Qajar era and one of the great tribes of that time called Ghavamolmolk's family. During Qajar era Naranjestan Qavam House used to be a place where conventional people used to go there for their governmental issues or community assemblies. This garden has many remarkable views, and its exceptional architecture is one of the Shiraz tourism attractions at the very first glance. Narenjestan Qavam Garden has an impressive architecture of mirror-work elements, tiling, carvings and carvings.
The design of the Narenjest Qavam Gardens in Shiraz is based on the principle of symmetry, in this regard the porch or the garden mirror is located in the middle and the rooms are allied at right and left sides in harmony. On the walls of the porch, there are beautiful stucco moldings, which are a real example of the art of the Qajar era. Also, the entire floor of the hall is decorated with white and blue tiles which added to it beautifully. In the case of the ceiling of this mansion, it should also be said that in the side rooms of the mirror hall, the ceilings are mostly made of wood but not simple wood and the woods are completely carved. But after entering the main room adjacent to the porch, you will be faced with a beautiful mirror ceiling that can keep you busy for hours. Seeing all this detail carefully, certainly, will take your entire day, so we suggest you to spare a few days if you can.
    Please note that Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden is at walking distance of the Vakil Bazaar and Khan Madrassa. Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden belongs to Qajar era and was built between 1879 and 1886 by Mirza Ibrahim Khan. Outside the Naranjestan Qavam House the paintings of mythological creatures, lions, tombs and Achaemenid soldiers, can be seen. Ceiling is full of very beautiful warm colors paintings. Naranjestan Qavam House has been devoted to University of Shiraz by Brahim Khan Qavam-ol-Molk in 1966. Therefore, nowadays Narenjestan Museum is a part of Architecture Faculty of the University of Shiraz.

Visiting Sites Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden
Another Shiraz tourism attraction near Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden is Zinat Al-Moluk House which is a remnant from Qajar era.  There is a fantastic yard with a nice blue pool in the middle of it which is surrounded by some small gardens. Zinat Al-Moluk House is largely made of woods which date back to 100 years ago. Most parts of the ceiling of Zinat Al-Moluk House are painted with dazzling pictures and figures. In addition to the nice atmosphere of the house, the wax statues of well-known Iranian eminent are also available in this house. 
Another Shiraz tourism attraction near Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden is Shāh Chérāgh that is a memorial shrine and mosque in Shiraz, Iran. This Mosque hosts the burial chamber of the sons of Mūsā al-Kādhim and brothers of ‘Alī ar-Ridhā famous as Ahmad and Muhammad. Local people at some especial days and holy events pay visit to this memorial shrine.
Another most important Shiraz tourist attraction is the Vakil Bath, which is located next to the bazaar and the Vakil mosque. These buildings all together are known as the Zandieh complex of Shiraz. Vakil Bath was constructed in the Zandieh period with the direct order of Karim Khan Zand. The present location of Vakil Bath in Shiraz city is at the center of Ayatollah Taleghani Street, next to the Vakil Bazaar which is one of the most important attractions and markets in Shiraz. The area of this bathroom is 11 thousand square meters and the base is eight hundred and six hundred and sixty meters. The monument is 120 meters long and 80 meters wide. During the Qajar era, lime decorations have been added to the Shiraz Vakil Bath. The bathroom space was kept warm by the corridors underneath the paving blocks of basin. In the southern part of the house there is also a garden where two large boilers heated the water. The Shiraz Vakil Bath has become a rich anthropology museum, through visiting it; you will get information about traditions, customs and culture of the ancient people of Shiraz. Vakil Bath of Shiraz has been registered under the number 917 in the list of national monuments of Iran.

Shiraz Hotels, Restaurants near Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden
After visiting Naranjestan-e Ghavam of Shiraz, one of the things to do in Shiraz is to taste Iranian food. Shater Abbas Restaurant Restaurant, Qavam Cafe Restaurant, Sharze Restaurant, Sharze Restaurant are the restaurants which  have only one kilometer distance with Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden and through maximum 15 minutes walking you can have a good food.  Even you can try Chinese food at Dragon Chinese Restaurant of Shiraz.  Shiraz Hotels such as Taha Traditional Hotel, Ario Barzan Hotel, Zandiyeh Hotel, Iranian Garden Guesthouse and Parsian Hotel are among the hotels in Shiraz that you can stay near Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden. If you want to visit Naranjestan-e Ghavam Garden of Shiraz you can take a taxi or even public transportation is also available. 

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