Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz

Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz 06/06/2019

Shiraz is one of the religious ad historical cities of Fars province, located in southwest of Iran. Every year many tourists come to visit this beautiful city. Shiraz tours will help you to find the well-known places where you can visit during your Shiraz travel. Among the Shiraz tourism attractions, which you should not miss, is the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, where the combination of light and color in the space of the mosque has created a beautiful atmosphere. If you also want to travel to this significant city of Iran during the days of Nowruz or any other time, following article will help you choose the best tourism destinations. One of these tourism destinations is Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz.
History of Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz
One of the best tourist attractions in Shiraz is the Nasir-ol-molk mosque, which has always been of interest to both local and foreign tourists both in terms of architecture and its magnificent past. Nasir al-Malek mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz, located in the district of Goud Araban, south of Lotf Ali Khan Zand near the famous Shah Cheragh mosque. This mosque is one of the historical Shiraz tourism attractions. Nasir-ol-molk mosque is known as pink mosque. It was built by the orders of Mirza Hassan Ali, nicknamed Nasir al-Molk, one of the elders of the Qajar Dynasty. The architecture of this mosque was Muhammad Hasan Memar. Its construction lasted about 12 years, from 1916 to 1926. The mosque's infrastructure is 2,212 square meters and covers an area of 2,980 square meters. The Nasir al-Malek has a large patio located on the north side of the mosque. At the entrance, it has a large arch, the roof of which is covered with colorful tiles of seven colors. The vault is covered with stones and its entrance is beautifully decorated with Muqarnas which is known in Iranian architecture as Ahoopāy. 

The entrance doors of this mosque are two large wooden doors, at top of which on a marble stone a poem is written from Shoorideh Shirazi on the occasion of the mosque's builder and the year of its completion. The mosque has two bedchambers East and West. The west bedchamber, which has a brick-covering and much work has been done on that, is more beautiful than the other bedchamber. The vault of this bedchamber is on the stone pillars with a spiral pattern on them. These columns are placed in two rows of six and twelve which symbolize the twelve Imams. Bedchamber also has seven harbors that connect it to the courtyard of the mosque, along with seven wooden doors that are covre3d with colorful glasses. The stone carving and decoration of this bedchamber has been inspired by the Vakil mosque of and the Moshir mosque of Shiraz. Its vault and walls are covered with beautiful tiles. The roof of this mosque is decorated with pictures such as floral and Islamic motifs, and some verses from the verses of the Qur'an in Thuluth calligraphy. 

Visiting Sites near Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz
There are lots of tourism attractions near Nasir-ol-molk mosque. One of these Shiraz tourism attractions is Zinat Al-Moluk House. This house as a remnant from Qajar era has a fantastic yard with a nice blue pool in the middle of it. Zinat Al-Moluk House can be considered as a wooden house as it is made of wood and date back to 100 years ago. In addition to the nice atmosphere of Zinat Al-Moluk House, the wax statues of eminent Iranian elites are also available in this house. 
   Another Shiraz tourism attraction near Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz is Vakil Bazaar, one of the most important markets in Shiraz from the ancient time. Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz is an attractive memorial of Karim Khan Zand, located in the central part of the city near the municipality square. The best architectures of the time were summoned upon building this awesome structure. The architecture is said to be an adaptation of Safavid architecture. The materials used in the building of Vakil Bazaar are brick, stucco, and lime. The same as any other traditional bazaar, Vakil Bazaar has diverse individual sections such as Tailors Bazaar, Sword-Making Bazaar, Glass Bazaar, etc. Furthermore, there are some Hojreh or small store inside the bazaar. Therefore visiting Vakil Bazaar is one of the things to do in Shiraz
    Khan School Shiraz is another tourist attraction at the center of Shiraz. Once, Khan School Shiraz was one of the main study-centers of Iran. This school has been founded in the early 18 century AD, by Allaah'Verdi Khan Gorji the governor of Shiraz at the time, and with the sponsorship of Shah Abbas, the Safavid king. Khan School Shiraz was once among the educational hubs where Shiite Fiqh was taught. Mullah'Sadra, the noticeable Islamic theorist composed his most extraordinary works, i.e. Hikmat Mote'Aliyyeh while teaching at Khan School.  The arches of Khan School Shiraz are decorated with attractive tiling and the palmette ornamentation. Khan School involves five classrooms which stand for five holly figures in Shiite (namely, the prophet of Islam Muhammad, his daughter Fatima, his groom Ali and their two sons, Hassan and Hussein) and one of these classrooms was entirely at the service of Mullah'Sadra. So during your tour make sure to visit this school.

Shiraz Hotels, Restaurants near Nasir-ol-molk Mosque 
After visiting Nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz, yet there are many things to do in Shiraz, one of them is to taste Iranian food. Dash Akol Traditional Restaurant, Vakil Traditional Restaurant, Sharze Restaurant, Kateh Mas Restaurant, Shah Abbasi Restaurant are the restaurants which  have only one kilometer distance with Nasir-ol-molk Mosque and through maximum 15 minutes walking you can have a good food.  Shiraz Hotels such as Zandiyeh Hotel, Taha Traditional Hotel, Ario Barzan Hotel, Parsian Hotel and Iranian Garden Guesthouse are among the hotels in Shiraz that you can find near Nasir-ol-molk Mosque. If you want to visit Nasir-ol-molk Mosque of Shiraz you can take a taxi otherwise public transportation is also available. 

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