National Arts Museum

National Arts Museum 03/01/2019

Iranian art with its features passes from the thousands of historical events such as the war and the attack of foreigners to the plunder of other nations, and shines still. Iranian art reflects Iranian life. The National Arts Museum collections are samples of this passion and beauty. The art work in this museum include:

The 10th-century miniature paintings that have been painted in the last century. Each picture includes several arts including the engraved painting of and carvings and art work.

The entrance of the museum is tiled with a large wooden door with glass grids. The wooden curtains and velvet curtains on the top of door show the work of museum artists. The statue of Hajj Meghbal, a work by Abolhassan Khan Sediqhi, a student of Kamal al-Molk, is a picture with the tile field that half a century ago. The decoration and embellishment of the vaulted ceiling pavilion of the museum are among the impressive and spectacular works of this museum.

This museum is located on the square of Baharestan, Kamal al-Molk Street, in the building of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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