Niavaran Palace Complex

Niavaran Palace Complex 05/04/2019

Also called Persia, Iran is a country of rich history and culture, magic deserts, splendid greenery mountains, gorgeous beaches, wonderful islands and ancient monuments. Travel to Iran can undoubtedly be a unique experience for any travelers. You can start your Iran tours by visiting some of the exquisite historical monuments in the heart of Tehran, the capital of Iran. There are many different Tehran tours in the capital which offer extraordinary services including visiting different tourist attractions particularly historical monuments. Among the Tehran tourism attractions one stands high among the rest.  It is the historical Niavaran Complex.

Located in the northern part of Tehran, Niavaran Complex is a series of prominent buildings resting in a majestic garden which measures for about 11 hectares. The beginning date of the Niavaran Complex traces back to the reign of Fath Ali Shah the Qajarid King who ordered to construct a gorgeousgarden as his summer resort. Therefore a canebrake garden on which the present name of Niavaran stands for,was built in a village called Korde- Beh.


The historical Niavaran Complex consist of several buildings dating back to Qajarid and Pahlavid eras. They include SahebQaranieh Pavilion, the Royal Library, Niavaran Palace, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, the Royal Car Museum and the Garden of Reliefs.


One of the most prominent building of Niavaran complex is SahebQaranieh pavilion which was built by the order of Naser-al-Din Shan Qajar as his summer resort. After the Islamic revolution the building was inverted into a museum. The pavilion comprises a howz-khane (pool house) and a splendid Hall of JahanNama. The Howz-khane is located in the basement consisting several rooms with delicate decorations and stucco work. The iconic Hall of JahanNama is located in the upper floor. It displays the collection of Iranian archeological artifacts and some precious works of arts gathered by Farah Diba in 1970s.

Niavaran Palace

The next prominent building in the Niavaran complex is Niavaran Palace, bearing the name of the garden Niavaran. Extending for about 9000 square meter, the monument is a two and a half storied-building which served as a residence for the Pahlavi family. It features some exotic decorations inspired by Islamic and pre-Islamic architecture with some eye-catching mirror work, stucco and tile work. The ground floor consists of a reception hall, waiting room and a dining room while the upper floor includes the Farah Hairdressing room, the conference room and a private room.


Ahmad Shahi Pavilion

Built at the end of Qajarid era, the pavilion was a summer residence of Ahmad Shah. It is a two-storeid building featuring the fine brickwork on the façade and exquisite decorations. The ground floor consist of several room, a vestibule and a marble pool. The second floor comprises a music hall and four porticoes. There is also a large pool in front of the palace which reflect the beauty of the building. The palace went under several restorations since its erection. It served as the workhouse of Reza Pahlavi during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Royal Library

 Adjacent to the Niavaran Palace there is a two-storied building which served as the royal library. The library contains more than 23000 books related mostly to the history of Iran, French literature along with some precious paintings and statues, a large piano and some furniture.


Royal car museum

Before leaving the Niavaran complex, the royal car museum is something one should not forget to visit. It is a 200 square meter area consisting the royal cars of the Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and a number of motorcycles belonging to his children.


Garden of reliefs

 On the eastern side of the Niavaran complex there is a garden displaying around 43 replicas of Iranian ancient reliefs such as Assyrian, Parthians and Sassanid era and some other precious reliefs which are worthy visiting.


After visiting the magnificent buildings in the complex you can take a rest at a cozy café in the pleasing green area.


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