Shiraz Eram Garden

Shiraz Eram Garden 19/05/2019

Shiraz is a city which is located in the south of Iran and the northwest of Kerman Province, Iran. Shiraz is well-known for its literature and hospitality and warmness, therefore many tourists travel Shiraz each year. There are many things to do in Shiraz. If you want to travel Shiraz, we should tell you that Shiraz is the origin of first samples of Persian gardens. One of these outstanding gardens is the Eram Garden, which is also known as the Garden of Paradise (Bagh-é Eram). This Garden is a notable Persian garden in Shiraz. Following we are going to review the history and location of Eram Garden.

History of Shiraz Eram Garden
Shiraz Eram Garden
is a great garden with a delightful palace in it. The peaceful Eram Garden is an outstanding place for visitors with a range of florae as well as a historic background. The precise date of the construction of Shiraz Eram Garden is not known. According to some authentic references it was constructed during the Seljuk Dynasty on the orders of Sultan Sanjar as numerous other gardens were established during his supremacy. Like other historic memorials in the southern city of Shiraz, Shiraz Eram Garden was reestablished and renovated by the Zand kings (1750-1794).
The garden was possessed by Qashqai tribal rulers throughout the late Zand Dynasty. In the early eighteenth century, Mohammad Qoli Khan, Qashqai tribal ruler, ordered the building of the initial hall. After that the garden was planted with various types of trees including persimmon, pine, cypress and orange trees.It was the reign of Nasser ed-din Qajar Dynasty that the gardens were bought by Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir-al Molk from the Qashqai tribes and built the present building. The designer of the existing construction was a well-known Shirazi architect, Mohammad Hassan. 

Structure of Shiraz Eram Garden
The attractive three-story building of the garden was made based on Safavid and Qajar style of architecture. Therefore if you want to know more about the architecture of that era you should visit Shiraz Eram garden while your Shiraz travel. The lower story of the house has been designed for relaxation especially during the burning days of summer. The ceiling of Shiraz Eram garden mansion is attractively decorated with flamboyant tiles. A small watercourse also passes through, which connects itself to a large pool in front of the mansion.
The middle story of Shiraz Eram Garden has a huge balcony which stands a magnificent hall. There are two corridors on the two sides of the hall. Each of the corridors has 4 rooms and two small porches. The visible sides of the pillars are ornamented with tiles showing the pictures of riders and floras. In the upper story it has a large hall enclosed by two corridors opening to two terraces. One of the pediments indicates Nasser ed-din Shah (a famous Qajar king) around this picture, some pictures based on the stories of Ferdowsi and Nezami (two well-known poets) can be seen. Some inscriptions in Nastaligh style by Mirza Ali Naghi Khoshnevis can be seen in this mansion as well. In another pediment there is a picture in which a deer is being hunted by a panther. In the garden various types of flowers and trees are available even there is a cypress tree which belongs to 3000 years ago. Shiraz Eram Garden is Shiraz tourism attraction which in the spring hosts many tourists from all over the world. Shiraz Eram Garden has been named after a mythological garden entitled Eram in southern Arabia, constructed by an Arab ruler, Shaddad, to indicate Paradise.

Contemporary status of Shiraz Eram Garden 
After the exile of the Qashqa`i brothers, the government seized the authority the garden and later on gave it to the University of Shiraz. Then the previous mud walls were substituted with iron fences and on the northwest side a wide-ranging street named Eram Boulevard was created. Early during the Islamic revolution, the Qashqa`is recaptured Shiraz Eram Garden; subsequently its owner Khosrow Khan devoted it to the people of Shiraz. Now as a property of Shiraz University, Eram Garden is open to the public as a botanical museum. 

Visiting Sites near Shiraz Eram Garden
Karimkhan Citadel is a Shiraz tourism attraction. The construction of this building which has only thirty five minutes' walk distance with Shiraz Eram Garden, dates back to 1108 AH and Zandiyan's rule in Shiraz. When Karim Khan invited the best architects and artists of the time to build it, he also provided the best materials to make this beautiful building in a short time. In different periods, Karimkhan Citadel used to have various functions. During Zandiyin, Karimkhan Citadel was the place of king's residence, and during the Qajar period it was used as the place of the local rulers, and during the reign of Pahlavi it was also turned into a prison. This 4,000-meter building is located in the center of an area of ​​12800 square meters. The citadel outside has 4 very high 12 meter walls, which are connected with 4 circular brick towers with a height of 14 meters and a 90 degree angle. Most of the materials used in this building are from stones and plaster. All 12-meter-wide surrounding walls have a thickness of 3 meters at the bottom and 2.8 meters in the upper portions. The design of this building is in fact residential and military. So if you are willing to know more about Karimkhan Citadel, after visiting Shiraz Eram Garden try to visit this citadel.
Shiraz Hotels, Restaurants and Public Transportation near Shiraz Eram Garden
After visiting Eram Garden if you feel hungry do not hesitate to go Bell Passi Restaurant. This restaurant has only one kilometer distance with Eram Garden and through 13 minutes walking you can have a good food. Soofi Restaurant and Kohan Restaurant are also the ones that you can eat fast foods or Iranian foods there. Shiraz Hotels such as Stars hotel, Pars hotel and Homa hotel are among the budget Shiraz hotels that you can stay. If you want to visit Eram Garden you can take a taxi or if you are looking for a cheap transportation we recommend you the busses that are available near this garden. 

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