Tabriz Blue Mosque

Tabriz Blue Mosque 04/05/2019

Blue mosque is one of the ancient tourist attractions of Tabriz which attracts many tourists from all over the world. In the following article we will review the unique aspects of this mosque as well as its history, location, near sightseeing, hotel, restaurant and why it is famous and well-known around the Iran and world.  

Tabriz is a city which is located in East Azarbaijan Province, Iran. Tabriz can be considered as a home for some of the most remarkable works of Iranian as well as Islamic architecture. One of these outstanding constructions is the Blue Mosque (Masjed-e Kaboud), which is also known as the Turquoise of Islam. This name has been given to this mosque because of its beautiful blue color and turquoise mosaics that are covering its interior and exterior parts. Following we are going to review the history and location of Blue Mosque.

History of Tabriz Blue Mosque
During Qara Qoyunlu Dynasty (1351-1469) the idea of building Blue Mosque was emerged upon the order of Jahan Shah as Tabriz was the capital of his Kingdom. There are different narrations regarding the construction, one is believed that the blue mosque was constructed under the management of Jahan Shah's wife, Begim Khatoon and the other one states that it was constructed under  the supervision of Jahan Shah's daughter Saalehe’s management. Jahan Shah Kingdom included chief parts of Iran such as Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Therefore, mosque was completed in 1465 and its construction date goes back to the 15th century. It should be noted that mosque has been built in Abu Mozaffar Jahanshah Gharaghuiunlu reign and it was one of 10 distinctive mosques of Islamic era all over the world. The Jahan Shah and Begim Khatoon, his wife, were buried in Southern interior part of blue mosque. But during the presence of Russian in Tabriz, their toms have been exhumed therefore only two empty graves are available in this mosque. In the severe earthquake of the year 1779 Blue Mosque was severely damaged. The Reconstruction of mosque started in 1973 under the regulation of Iranian Ministry of Culture but they remain incomplete. The renovation and reconstruction process was carried out by Reza Memaran. 

The Outstanding Architecture of the Tabriz Blue Mosque
According to some written references Blue Mosque is a member of a greater architectural collection known as Mozafriya Collection. Mozafriya Collection contained a monastery, a courtyard, a library, a mosque and other parts which were all demolished and only the blue mosque remained. The original structure of the mosque is in a way to adapt with the cold and harsh climate of Azerbaijan. Along with the outstanding architecture of the blue mosque tiles that are used in Blue mosque are the masterwork of their own period and the present period. The tiles of blue mosque are known as Moaragh tiles. These type of tiles are thin and they may have only two millimeters width. Apart from its exclusive construction and history, deliberately windows positioned for brightening the interior part and permitting photography fans to enjoy and create masterpieces with shadow and light, which all together make the Blue Mosque an obligation during your visit to Tabriz.

Why Tabriz Blue Mosque Is Famous?
The blue mosque is an extraordinary monument and even some people pray in this famous mosque. Blue Mosque if famous as Firoozeh Islam (Turquoise of Islam) because of its extraordinary tile decoration and calligraphy that in spite of its ruined walls are still beautiful and magnificent. Some of the Quran verses have been carved on marbles in the form of calligraphy and the geometric shapes adds and intensifies the beauty and harmony of colors. The Blue Mosque is famous A variety of tiles are available both in the interior and exterior parts of this mosque. The varied Kufic, and Thuluth calligraphies, the arabesque decorations, designs and patterns which were created by Nematollah-ben-Mohammad-ol-Bavab, a well-known calligrapher. The inside and outside walls of the mosque are covered with mosaic tiling.
The patterns of inscriptions are mostly in cobalt blue ground and for arabesque designs these patterns are in gold and white. The dome of this mosque was in deep blue, painted with gold patterns.

Visiting Sites near Tabriz Blue Mosque
Next to Blue Mosque there is an attractive and small park known as Khaqani Park. This park is located between Azerbaijan museum and Blue Mosque. In this park there is the statue of the famous Iranian poet Khagani. There is nothing extraordinary about the park, but after a long journey of blue mosque and Azerbaijan museum you can take a break and enjoy the pleasant environment of this park as it’s a cute place with lots of flowers and benches on which you can take rest for a while. 
Azerbaijan museum is also located near the blue mosque which requires only five minutes' walk. This museum is the one of the most momentous museums of Iran which is located next to Blue mosque. After Tehran national museum, this museum is the second historic museum of Iran. Azerbaijan museum includes pre-Islamic and Islamic masterpieces. 
Another monument which has only ten minutes' walk distance with blue mosque is Tabriz clock tower also identified as Tabriz Municipality Palace. This palace was built in 1934 as the central office of Tabriz municipal. The Municipality includes various types of museums one of these museums is carpet museum and urban design museum of Tabriz. If you are near Blue mosque do not miss Haidarzadeh house (also known as Heydarzadeh house) which is located in southern part of Tabriz municipality, as well as other historical houses including Nikdel house, Salmasi house and etc.  

Hotels, Restaurants and Public Transportation near Tabriz Blue Mosque
After visiting blue mosque if you feel hungry do not hesitate to go Yaaghout Restaurant. This restaurant has only 100 meters distance with blue mosque. Emarat Restaurant, Haj Majid Chelopaz Restaurant and Salar Ark Restaurant are also the ones that you can eat traditional Tabrizi or Iranian foods there. Hotels such as Behboud, Caspian, Gostaresh and Azarbaijan Hotels are among the budget hotels that you can go. If you want to visit blue mosque you can take a taxi or if you are looking for a cheap transportation we recommend you the BRT busses that are available from rail station of Tabriz directly in front of this mosque. Also you can use Metro from El-goli Park and walk for ten minutes to Blue Mosque

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