Tehran Baharestan Square

Tehran Baharestan Square 03/01/2019

Old and important buildings such as the Square and the Baharestan Palace in Tehran shows incidents and decisive events of the contemporary history of the country. The Baharestan Palace, which was built by Mirza Hossein Khan Sepah Salar, later became the place of parliament National council. This building is only building has remained on this square. The statue in the center of this Square has been changed several times. It also witnessed conflicts, meetings, demonstrations and shooting, and it is the place of important political and historical assassinations.

The northern side of the square was the place of the garden of Fath-Ali-Shah Qajar's garden, located in front of Baharestan Square and the garden in the north. In the year 1284 AH, with developing the city of Tehran, the garden got a part of the city of Tehran, and later it was partitioned and built various buildings.

Dehkhoda Dictionary office and Tehran University of Economics and Social Research Institute were established in one of the buildings of this garden in 1330. Then the complex of this building became the University of Social Sciences and Cooperatives University of Tehran. The building is currently being used as the Museum of the University of Tehran. The Art National Museum is located on the southern side of the garden, which is the entrance to the building of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The architectural and natural spaces of this garden are still beautiful.


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