Tomb of Saadi Shiraz

Tomb of Saadi Shiraz 19/05/2019

Sa'di Mausoleum also known as the Tomb of Saadi or Sadiyeh is one of the major Shiraz tourism attractions located near the beautiful garden of Delgosha in Boustan Street.

Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you’ve no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain!

Being the cradle of culture and science, the ancient land of Iran has cultivated many scholars, literary men and poets all over the history. Particularly, Shiraz is home to one of the most world-known poets in Iran, Saadi Shirazi whose grave is now a major pilgrimage site in Shiraz. Saadi is considered as one of the greatest masters of Persian literature and poetry whose words have still touched the heart of many enthusiastic souls and waken up the minds of many by his two great achievements the Boustan ( the Orchard) written in 1257 and Golestan ( The Rose Garden) in 1258. Still, centuries after his death, his faithful devotees and lovers gather around the Tomb of Saadi to show their respect and honor to this great scholar. Visiting the mausoleum of Saadi is a must see for anyone who travel to Shiraz in his Iran Tours or Shiraz Tours

The Brief History of the Tomb of Saadi
Sa'di Mausoleum also known as the Tomb of Saadi or Sadiyeh is one of the major Shiraz tourism attractions located near the beautiful garden of Delgosha in Boustan Street. The current site was primarily a Khangah where Saadi used to live there. In the 13th century the first mausoleum was built for the commemoration of Saadi by Shams al-din Mohammad Saheb Divani, the minister of Abaqa Khan. Later the building was destroyed in the 17 century by the governor of Shiraz, Yaqub Zol-Qadr. However during the Reign of Karm Khan Zand (1751 to 1779) a new building called Emarate Molukaneh (Royal mansion) was built over the relics of the past Mausoleum. It was a two- storey building made with brick and plaster with a hallway flanked by two rooms. The restoration of the Tomb of Saadi was finished in 1952, inspired by the Palace of Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan. 

The Architecture of the Tomb of Saadi
 The mausoleum of Saadi is a square like structure nestled in a middle of a spacious garden filled with beautiful flowers and cypress trees and stone pools. The building consists of two perpendicular iwans and 8 pillars crowned by a beautiful turquoise dome. Saadi gravestone is rested inside an octagonal room just right under the turquoise dome.  His marble tombstone was broken during the Qajar dynasty (1785-1925). However it was repaired by Ali Akbar Khan Qavam al- Molk Shirazi and some poets of Saadi was inscribed on it praising the Prophet Mohammad. On each seven walls of the room, one can see some verses of Saadi’s poems with the eight wall accounting for the construction of the building.  Stretching to the west of the building, there is a colonnade portico leading visitors to another tomb belonging to Shurideh Shirazi. He was another great poet of the 13th century who was buried here according to his will. 

Other sightseeing of the Tomb of Saadi
Another spectacular attraction in the Tomb of Saadi is the Saadie Qanat which is located at a depth of ten meters below the mausoleum and pours into an octagonal pond called the fish pond on the left side of the building. It is where the people used to wash their clothes in the pond believing to be cured form illness. However the pond was closed after the construction of the building. Nowadays, in a neighborhood near the mausoleum there is a place where the water is flowing on the ground. During specific hours of the day, men and women gather in this place to wash themselves in the water, wishing to be blessed. 
There is also another pond in front of the building with lots of gold fish, where people throw their coins while wishing. It is believed that if the coins are seen by the big fish, the dream would come true.  
Other buildings located in the Tomb of Saadi, is a traditional teahouse in the basement along with two white brick buildings namely, the office of Saadie and a small, well-preserved library called Saadie Library.

Another attractions near the Tomb of Saadi
Shiraz is also home to another great poet, globally known as Hafez Shirazi whose burial place is in the vicinity of the Tomb of Saadi. It will be a pity if one travels to Shiraz in his Iran Tours or Shiraz Tours and does not visit the Hafez Shrine. 
Another great Shiraz tourism attractions near the Tomb of Saadi is the historical pleasing garden of Delgosha belonging to the pre Islamic era. 
Among other close tourism attractions to the mausoleum of Saadi are the Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Haft Tanan Museum, Koohpaye Park and Khawju Kermani Tomb, 

Where to eat and drink near the Tomb of Saadi
There are several restaurants and café near the mausoleum of Saadi which are the refreshing spots after the long Shiraz Tours in the city. They include Sarvenza ice cream Shop and Café, Aramis Café, Monireh Fast food and Karim Khan Dinning. 

 Hotels in Shiraz near the Tomb of Saadi
If you want to spend the night near the mausoleum of Saadi where you can have easy access to other Shiraz tourism attractions as well, there are a number of nice hotels in Shiraz for you. If you are looking for luxury and state of the art hotels in Shiraz, you can choose the Shiraz Royal Hotel or the Shiraz Grand Hotel or Persepolis Hotel. However if you travel on Budget there is a nice hostel called Shiraz Niloo Hostel near the mausoleum of Saadi

When to visit the tomb of Saadi
The Tomb of Saadi is open every day except on national holidays from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM (spring and summer), and from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (autumn and winter)

The Tomb of Saadi is now one of the most famous Shiraz tourism attractions which is open to the lovers of Persian poetry and literature. It is strongly recommended to visit this beautiful tomb and take home some of the most brilliant memories of your travel to Shiraz.

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