Dubai to Tehran Flights (Emirates Airlines)

Dubai to Tehran Flights (Emirates Airlines) 14/10/2020

By booking a Dubai to Tehran Flight, you can explore the dynamic heart of Iran. Tehran is the Capital of Iran and is located on the south hillside of the Alborz mountain range with a height of 900 to 1800 m above the sea level.

Tehran climate is can be defined by its geographical location which is surrounded by the mountains in the north and by desert in the south. It is said that the north of the capital has a cold and sort of arid weather but the south is mostly warm and arid.

Tehran has three different parts: “Kan“, ”Markazi“, and “Aftab“; these parts have three cities named “Tehran“, “Bomehen“, ”Pardis”; and consisted of four rural districts. If you visit this city you can see the traditional and modern architecture, it is known that Azadi square symbolized Tehran in the past and Milad tower now symbolizes this city in modern times. As the capital of Iran, Tehran is a crowded city and is one of the most significant urban capitals in the entire world. It was the first modern city of Iran.

The capital has a large area and is one of the biggest, most significant metropolitans in the world. In other words, it is a center for affairs, government, politics, culture, economy, history, commerce, work, science, industry, and production and it is why people are encouraged to immigrate here and the population of Tehran is growing every year.

It is located on the hillside of the Alborz mountain chain and near Damavand, which is the highest volcanic peak of Iran, the capital has very unique attractions and landscapes, and is one the most important historical attractions in the globe. Residents of this city speak in Persian standard language or Farsi. In this city different religious groups live together and in harmony.

How long is the flight?

Now that we have some important information about Tehran, Let’s get back to our topic Dubai to Tehran Flight. You can easily visit the capital of Iran because usually there are three flights every week across the Persian Gulf to the Iranian Northern city. The flight will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you choose to fly from Dubai the most exciting city of the Middle East, remember that you have to plan it a week earlier so that you make it there in the next week.

The economy class seats are comfortable and way cheaper than business and First class seats. If you have money-related issues and want a comfortable ride we suggest this class. Settle in and enjoy all the essential extras that we’ve packed in to make sure your journey is the best it can be. We have free Wi-Fi, a Bar and touch screens and comfy seats are just some of the features you can expect. Remember, Business and First class seats have more features for you. You can pre-order the hot meal that you desire on your Dubai to Tehran Flight. The Hot Meal option is only available in Mahan Air and Emirates Flights. Special snacks and refreshments are available at Mahan Air and Emirates Dubai to Tehran Flight for purchase. Other airlines like Qeshm Air also offer snacks and refreshments on Dubai to Tehran Flight and they are much cheaper than Mahan Air and Emirates.

If you book the business class Dubai to Tehran Flight of Mahan Air and Emirates, they have only 12 passengers at their exclusive cabin. The seats are covered with Italian leather and the crew members are always available for your requests. The hot meal menu offers 12 kinds of meals. Average time of preparation is 10 to 15 minutes.

The Journey to Tehran

The trip will begin at DXB ( Dubai International Airport). You can easily get a cab to the airport. The cab fee in USD is between 10-50 $. You also use the Dubai Metro. You have to get out of the train at Abu Hail station. You can also take a bus which is cheaper or you can drive yourself and park the car at the airport.

DXB is very crowded and noisy. So, it’s better to check-in for Dubai to Tehran Flight online and do not forget that you have to check-in 24 hours and 90 minutes before your Dubai to Tehran Flight departs. If you are not comfortable to check-in online. You have to go to the airport and wait for at least 30 minutes then one of the staff will issue your ticket. After you dropped off your bags and passed the security. You can take a tour around the airport. I suggest you to do it because it’s worth the while.

When you land at  Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), it takes at least 50 minutes to get to the city center. You can hire a car or catch a taxi.

How long is the distance?

The distance between Dubai to the capital of Iran is 2381.4 Km.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Tehran

Now let’s take a look at the Dubai to Tehran Flight schedule. We have cheap and expensive flights. Please, have in mind due to the COVID-19 pandemic the schedule might differ. So, before buying a ticket always check the schedule.

The cheapest Dubai to Tehran flight is 335$ it’s only available on Fridays. It’s an economy class flight by Qeshm Air.

The next cheapest Dubai to Tehran flight is 397$ it’s only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s a Business class flight by Emirates. The economy class of this flight costs 367$ and First class is 487$ which is the most expensive Dubai to Tehran flight.

There are also other flights by Flydubai. These flights cost between 281$ to 457$.

281$ flights are very rare and they happen 20 times a year at most. So, we didn’t consider them as cheapest flights because most of the people don’t stand a chance to purchase them.

Currently, Mahan Air has no flight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But always check the schedule before your flight. Many airlines stated that they will start their flights soon and Mahan Air is one of them.

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