Dental implants in Iran

Dental implants in Iran 29/10/2020


In general, medical tourism is a phenomenon that is spreading in many countries today.  Medical tourism involves trying to travel to another country where medical services are provided to patients cheaper and with better quality.  Today, this type of tourism, is expanding in many countries, and most people choose developing countries for medical tourism. Our country Iran is one of the countries that has made great progress in the field of dentistry in recent years and the very high quality and reasonable prices in dental services have caused many people from different countries to come to our country.  Dental implants in Iran are one of the services that many people from different countries Travel to Iran to receive services and are very satisfied with the quality of their service.

                                                                    Dental implants in Iran

What is a dental implant?

In general, Dental implants in Iran can be used as an alternative treatment for dental bridge prostheses, and the main goal of this method is that in the future, no teeth will be shaved or destroyed because of the base of the bridge.  In general, any patient who has the condition of tooth extraction, is a good candidate for dental implant placement.  Legally, Dental implants in Iran can be easily performed in public or specialized offices, although bone grafts must be performed in a hospital.  At the hospital you can also go to a maxillofacial surgeon to work with your dentist to easily solve your problems.  In general, an implant is a screw made of titanium that is implanted in your jawbone and replaces your missing tooth.  Dental implants in Iran can be integrated or also two-piece and are attached to your tooth with a screw.



The right time to do a dental implant

In general, people who want to have a dental implant have to wait until the age of eighteen for their skeleton to be fully formed, otherwise these people may have various problems in the future due to the growth of the jaws and the implant. for example, their teeth look shorter.  After the age of eighteen, a person can easily go to a doctor for a dental implant.  Note that the mandible takes about three months to fully implant and the maxilla takes about five months to fully implant, this is a general rule and can change in different situations depending on the patient's wishes and condition. In general, the timing of a dental implant depends on how long it takes for your jaw and body to accept the necessary changes easily and not have any problems.


Postoperative checkups and care

You should note that if you have any problems or deformities or displacement of teeth after your dental implant, you must see your doctor.  Also, most of the time, a coating adhesive is placed on the implants, which are temporary, and are placed on your teeth so that your doctor can quickly notice any inflammation and any number mark around your implant so that the coating can be easily removed.  Examine your dental problems and you should never remove these adhesives without telling your doctor.  In general, all implants are made of titanium and this material is completely compatible with the human body, but there are different types of implants that have different costs depending on the type of your request.




Famous dental clinics, and famous doctors in this field

In general, any dental clinic can provide implant services for you, but the hospitals that are very famous in this field include the dentistry of Jam Hospital, and the dentistry of Bahman Hospital, which are very famous in the field of Dental implants in Iran.  Also, very famous doctors such as Dr. Ali Sajida and Dr. Behzad Hooshmand are among the doctors who are very famous and specialized in this field.


                                 Famous dental clinics, and famous doctors in this field


Price of Dental implants in Iran

Note that the cost of Dental implants in Iran varies according to your wishes as well as the type of implant you have and the number of implants you have.  Also, whether or not your treatment is done by orthodontists is very influential in determining your cost.  Also, the techniques of your dental surgeon and his experience and knowledge are very important depending on the area of ​​your dental condition, and doctors who have more experience in this field usually charge higher costs from patients.  So even if the implants that are implanted on your teeth are spherical, but if they are implanted with the right methods and with a very high degree of expertise, they can definitely be equal to European and American implants in terms of longevity.  Of course, if the brand of Dental implants in Iran is very important to you, your orthodontists and dentist may suggest the best brands of the day for you so that you can use these brands to use the best type of implants on your teeth and Enjoy having beautiful teeth.

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