Fertility treatments in Iran

Fertility treatments in Iran 02/11/2020

Medical tourism is one of the phenomena that is spreading in many countries today.  Last year, our country, Iran, earned about one and two tenths of a billion dollars through medical tourists, which is a very large and suitable figure for our country and can be effective in improving our country's economy.  On the other hand, this very high figure shows that our country, Iran, has made extensive progress in many fields of medicine and is the destination of many people who do not have the necessary facilities for different treatment in their own country.  Fertility Treatments in Iran is one of the fields that many people travel to our country, Iran, today to treat this complication, and we want to explain more about this disease to you in the following.  In recent years, our country has been able to create new and established methods in the field of Fertility Treatments in Iran and has even been able to discover good ways that have not been used in the world until today.


what are fertility treatments and what are its symptoms?

infertility generally occurs when two couples do not conceive after regular sexual intercourse without the use of different methods of contraception and are unable to conceive. This problem may occur due to a problem in both couples or in one of the couples, which is usually known as an infertile couple, if they have regular sexual intercourse for twelve months and do not become pregnant. Note that in the world, about eight to twelve percent of couples are infertile, in which about half of men have fertility problems. This can be a sign of infertility if a woman has irregular menstruation or no menstrual bleeding, but in men there may be no signs of infertility at all.  However, these people can treat their Fertility Treatments in Iran without any problem and can easily solve their own problem.


Causes of infertility

In general, there are many causes of infertility, each of which can cause infertility in men or women.  In general, problems with semen and sperm, overheated testicles, ejaculation disorders, hormonal disorders, genetic factors, radiotherapy, some diseases, etc. can affect male infertility and disorder in Treat infertility in men can be easily and solved by expressing your problem.  But in women, factors such as age, smoking, obesity or overweight, poor diet, not exercising, mental stress, ovulation disorders, etc. can cause problems in women. Which with Fertility Treatments in Iran can be cured.


What are fertility treatments?

Note that Fertility Treatments in Iran depends on a number of factors and generally takes time depending on the individual's physical health.  The couple is initially advised to have more sex during ovulation, and the doctor expects the sperm to survive in the female reproductive tract for about five days and be fertile, as well as the egg within the next day.  It has the ability to be fertile after release, so increasing sex during this period can be helpful.


When do we need to see a doctor?

 Note that we have said before that if you had sex after twelve months of continuous effort and without any contraindications, but you did not see any fertility factors, you must see a specialist.  Also, if you are a woman who is thirty-five to forty years old and has tried to conceive for about six months or more and have been unsuccessful, or if you are over forty years old and have irregular menstruation or no monthly bleeding at all.  You can see a doctor so you can start your own treatments.  Also, if you are one of those men, you have very few sperm counts or other sperm problems, and if you have a history of testicular, prostate, or other sexual problems, or if you are being treated for cancer, you should definitely, See your doctor. Fertility Treatments in Iran are generally easy treatments, and one of the best ways to become fertile is to learn to control your stress and anxiety and have sex in the calmest and most comfortable time of your life to help your fertility.  Kurds.  Note that stress is one of the main reasons for reduced fertility in men and women, and reducing stress in this area can help you a lot.



Hospitals and related doctors in the field of Fertility Treatments in Iran

Note that there are many private and public centers in Iran that work in the field of infertility.  Hospitals such Sarema Hospital, Aban Hospital, Hazrat Zeinab Hospital, Hedayat Hospital, Mahdieh Hospital, and Mofrah Hospital are among the hospitals that are very important in the field of infertility treatment.  Also, doctors such as Dr. Nasim Khorami, Dr. Hourieh Mortazavi, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hashem Alavi, Dr. Mojdeh Namdari and Dr. Soraya Saleh Gargari are among the great doctors.


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