Maqbaratoshoara the House of Poets

Maqbaratoshoara the House of Poets 10/05/2019

Tabriz as a city which is located in the northwestern part of Iran, is known as the historical capital of Iran. Tabriz used to have many famous poets such as Shahriyar, Tabriz is known as the city of "the Firsts" and this motto is given because of the revolutionary activities of Tabriz in modernization movements in Iran. In your Tabriz tour if you like to know about the history of literary people and you are found of literature, try not to miss the Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz as it is one of the Tabriz tourism attractions. In this regard as a Tabriz tour we are going to introduce you Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz, its location and near sightseeings such as Qajar museum, Eynali Mountain, Dagh Guli Artificial Lake and On Ibn-e Ali’s shrine. 
Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz
Maqbarat-o-shoara or the Mausoleum of Poets is a place which includes the tombs of numerous mystics and famous poets. Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz is situated in the Surkhab region of Tabriz, Iran. Tahmaseb Dolatshahi in the mid-1970s built the Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz when he used to work for the Secretary of Arts and Cultures of East Azerbaijan. On the east side of Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz there is a grave, which belongs to Sayyed Hamzeh and Ghaem Magham. In Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz graves of important poets, sages, experts and famous characters of Tabriz is available. Asadi Tusi (999-1072) was the first poet who is buried in this complex. 

Visiting Sites near Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz
While visiting Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz you can also visit Pottery Museum of Tabriz. The Pottery museum of Tabriz is an art museum which is Sarraflar’s house as one of the historical houses of Tabriz. Sarraflar’s house belongs to Qajar era and it has one floor and one basement. Sarraflar’s house includes a permanent gallery of best pottery artworks of well-known artists such as Ostad Abbas Ghabchi, Ostad Ahmad Ghabchi and Ostad Farida Tathiree’s. In this house training courses are also available.
Another Tabriz tourism attraction near Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz is the museum of Qajar. In this museum Qajar period staff are being exhibited in a historical house called as, Amir Nezam Garousi house. The construction date of this house, goes back to Naer-al-Din Shah Qajar period based on its architectural style. It was year 2005 when Qajar house was established. In this historical house rooms and halls are full of glasses, coin, jewelry, metal tools, musical instruments, Chinese bowls and plates, etc. which belong to Qajar era.  The land of Amir Nezam Garousi house which is an outstanding house has 3000 square meters ad it has two floors.
Through 15miutes car drive you can reach the mountain range of Eynali. This mountain range is located in the north of Tabriz city. Eynali as a natural tourism attraction of Tabriz hosts many people from all over the city especially in holidays and Fridays actually it’s a climbing destination for so many local people. Eynali has some peaks locally known as Halileh, Pakeh-Chin, Dand, and Bahlul. Another name for Eynali among locals is On Ibn-e Ali. Eynali is located 2000 meters above sea level. Its rocks contain red soil. At the peak of the Eynali there exists a shrine which is known as On Ibn-e Ali. On Ibn-e Ali’s shrine includes mosque, cable, and an artificial lake. According to Some historians the shrine belongs to two Muslim priests who were the close friends of Imam Ali and has been built in the 15th century. These two Muslim priests are known as On Ibn-e Ali and Zeyd Ibn-e Ali. On Ibn-e Ali’s shrine was destroyed during the attack of Ottomans on Iran. But it was renovated in the Era of Safavid, based on the order of Shah Abbas (King Abbas). On Ibn-e Ali’s shrine has 6 domes, 9 rooms, porch, and minaret. Once On Ibn-e Ali’s shrine pillars were made of wood but later based on some renovations, the rocky pillars were made for shrine. 
In the mountain range of Eynali has a cable which known as Eynali Cable. The Cable has been designed as a three stage lift.  The Eynali Cable has 6 masts and in the final phase it will reach to 24 masts. Each cabin can tolerate 640 kilograms therefore about 8 people can travel in each cabin. The length of the first phase of Eynali Cable is 1480 meters and within a few minutes it can take you to the highest point of Eynali. The Eynali Cable opens from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. During the way of Eynali Cable, you can enjoy the magnificent vision of the city. It should be noted that Eynali Cable’s third phase, will be connected to Dand Mountain which will be the longest cable in Iran. At the final point of Eynali Cable has a peaceful atmosphere there are facilities such as restaurant, café, praying room, toilet and parking. An artificial lake known as Dagh Guli Artificial Lake is also available which it area is 54000 square meters and contains some water sports.  
Tabriz Hotels, Restaurants Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz
After visiting Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz if you feel hungry, Aref restaurant is a restaurant with family-friendly atmosphere. Aref restaurant is known for its extraordinary quality foods it also has a hall for wedding ceremonies. Ghaem Magham Restaurant, Dr. Pic Nic Fast Food are the nearby places in which you can have delicious meals. Even there is a good place which serves traditional ice cream this place is known as Shahryar Ice Cream, you can have carrot juice with your ice cream as well.
If you are willing to spend some days in the Tabriz hotels, Tabriz tours can reserve you Tabriz hotels such as Estegbal hotel which is near Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz. If you want to visit Bazaar of Tabriz you can easily take a taxi or if you are looking for a cheap transportation buses are available from Maqbaratoshoara of Tabriz to Bazaar of Tabriz. If you are willing to walk it will take only twenty minutes to reach Bazaar of Tabriz.

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