Visiting the Magnificent Jahan Nama Garden in Shiraz

Visiting the Magnificent Jahan Nama Garden in Shiraz 19/05/2019

Shiraz seems like a paradise on earth, thanks to it prominent gardens, amazing green areas, and majestic buildings. One of the splendid pieces of this paradise is the Jahan Nama Garden in the southeast of Shiraz. It is worth visiting this beautiful garden while you travel to Shiraz by your Shiraz Tours or Iran Tours

The Brief History of Jahan Nama Garden
Dating back to the 8th century, the Jahan Nama Garden is considered as one of the oldest and biggest gardens in Shiraz, covering an area of about 4000 square meters. The Jahan Nama Garden was as prosperous as other famous gardens in Shiraz such as Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden and Takht Garden during the reign of Muzzafarid and Injuid dynasties. 
Conquering Shiraz in the 14th century, Timur Goorkani noticed the beauty and grandeur of the garden and thus ordered to build a similar garden in his hometown Samarqand and entitle it the same Jahan Nama Garden. The Jahan Nama Garden also enjoyed its prominence in Safavid era. Having been overlooked and destroyed after the fall of Safavid dynasty, the garden restored its prosperity again during the reign of Zand kings particularly Karim Khan Zand who ordered to build a pavilion in the middle of the garden with the surrounding trees and walkways enclosed by high walls. The building of the pavilion was inspired by the Nazar Garden which is the burial place of Karim Khan Zand. The Nazar Garden was also constructed with four line of avenues surrounded by four large and small ponds.
 The magnificent garden of Jahan Nama experienced a long period of flourishment during the reign of Qajar kings when the garden offered itself as the summer residence while hosting the government guests. Nowadays, the Jahan Nama Garden is one of the most beautiful recreational sites in Shiraz with the scenic view of the Zagros Mountains. 

The Architecture and Features of the Jahan Nama Garden 
Located in the specific tourism area called as the axis of mysticism, the Garden of Jahan Nama is the square garden in the form of classic Persian garden arrangement. The garden is divided by four broad avenues lined with orange trees, cypresses, fountains and flowers reaching to a brick pavilion at the center.
 The pavilion is octagonal palace exemplifying the architecture of the Zand Dynasty (the 18th century). Compared to lavish palaces in some Persian Garden, this pavilion enjoys rather a simple design. However it still features exquisite stucco work, plaster and wood work as well as brickwork. Inside the mansion, there are four magnificent alcoves with two storey rooms between the alcoves. There is also a marble pond with the beautiful fountain in the middle of the mansion. 
Nowadays the pavilion is converted into a museum where you can see the collection of old and contemporary Iranian objects. The oldest items in the museum is the pictured Shahname (Epopee) written in Urdu language and a miniature curved on the bone related to the Safavid dynasty. Among other precious items in the museum, there is a gun from the Zand Dynasty, a written command by the Naser al-Din Shah and the marriage contract of the Qajar dynasty. In addition, there is a mintage medal by Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar related to the bombardment of the Assembly in 1862. 
Moreover, the Garden is filled with many beautiful flowers as well as stout tall trees such as pine trees, cypresses and particularly sour oranges, creating a pleasing aromatic atmosphere in spring.
Another feature of the Persian Gardens in the Jahan Nama Garden is the presence of large and small ponds in each corner of the garden. In addition, there are some beautiful flowerbeds in geometric shapes rested around the pavilion, creating a delightful scenery of the garden. 
Besides, there is a coffee shop on the southern part of the garden where you can reward yourself with traditional drinks or delicious snacks. 

Shiraz Tourism Attractions near the Jahan Nama Garden
Located near the entrance of Shiraz, the Jahan Nama Garden is in the vicinity of some of the most famous Shiraz Tourism Attractions such as the tomb of Hafez, and the tomb of Saadi, the burial place of the two great Classic Persian poets. The garden is also situated near the Haft Tanan and Quran Gate of Shiraz in the eastern part of the garden. Among other attractions near the Jahan Nama garden, are Baba  Kouhi, Khawju Kermani, the National park and the National Documentary library of Shiraz. 

Shiraz Restaurants near the Jahan Nama Garden 
After visiting the beautiful garden of Jahan Nama, Haft Khan Restaurant is a must see restaurant for those who want to experience the high quality food in a wonderful modern environment. It is only in a 500 meters walking distance of the garden and is a ready to hand options for visitors. If you are in a mood to taste awesome burgers, Black Burger Shiraz just 100 meters away from the garden is also the perfect option.

Hotels in Shiraz near the Jahan Nama Garden 
Don’t look any further, when there is a hotel right in front of the Jahan Nama Garden where you can experience a pleasing stay with a beautiful view of the garden and the surroundings and also close to other main Shiraz attractions. Among other hotels in Shiraz near the Garden the international five star Persepolis Hotel offer modern accommodation with the latest international standards. The other one is Atlas Hotel with ambient service and friendly staff. Another option is the four star Shiraz Royal Hotel offering a pleasant accommodation and easy access to the nearest Shiraz Tourism Attractions in the heart of the city. 

When to visit the Jahan Nama Garden 
Generally speaking the best time to travel to Shiraz is in spring and early summer when the weather is moderate and also every corner of the city is filled with the scent of sour oranges including the Jahan Nama Garden. The garden is open every day from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. The typical entrance fee is 200.000 Rls.

Visiting the Jahan Nama Garden and its calming environment is truly an extra bonus in Shiraz Tours or  Iran Tours for those who travel to Shiraz.

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