rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Iran

rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Iran 06/11/2020

What is Rhinoplasty and nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Iran is one of the most popular surgeries and every year many people from all over the world come to Iran to have rhinoplasty in Iran.  Due to the fact that rhinoplasty is performed in a very large number in Iran, doctors have sufficient experience and expertise in this field, and because the cost of surgery in this country is low and the quality of surgery in Iran is very high, This has caused many people from neighboring countries and other countries to choose Iran as their destination for rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty, as its name implies, is one of the fields of cosmetic surgery that can change your nose according to your wishes. In rhinoplasty and nose surgery, the bone or cartilage of your nose is changed and makes your nose much more beautiful than before. This surgery is very comfortable and has no side effects.  In some cases, this may even be done for health purposes.  For example, some people do not breathe properly due to polyps or tilting of the nasal septum and must have rhinoplasty to be able to breathe easily.


How to perform rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Iran

Note that rhinoplasty and nose surgery in Iran is performed to change the shape of your main nasal septum and can improve the function of your nose or have cosmetic purposes.  Note that the probability of successful rhinoplasty and nose surgery in Iran is very high and you can have a beautiful nose without any problems.  Rhinoplasty in Iran is performed in five stages. In the first stage, anesthesia drugs are injected into the patient, which will vary depending on your health.  In the second stage, an incision is made in your nose, which can be hidden inside your nose or it can be done openly and on the outside of your nose.  In the third stage, the doctor changes the structure of your nose and removes the shape of your nose by removing cartilage or bone or cutting them, and makes it the shape you want.  If your septum or septum is crooked, your doctor will correct it in the fourth stage, and in the fifth stage, after one week, your doctor will examine your nose.


Steps before and after surgery in rhinoplasty

In the first stage, you should see your doctor and if you have respiratory problems, be sure to inform your doctor.  Next you need to specify the type of nose you want, after which your doctor will set a surgery date if needed.  He or she may ask you if you are currently taking different medications, and if those medications are harmful to you, your doctor will ask you to take them for two weeks before and after the surgery. He or she may also take blood tests and other tests and your doctor may take different pictures of your nose.  After the surgery, you have to take different care.  For example, you should not water your nose for a few days and should never do strenuous activities such as running or strenuous exercise, because these sports are harmful to you.  In general, being satisfied with nose surgery in Iran has a very high percentage in Iran. many people are satisfied with the result of their own surgery.


Hospitals and physicians specializing in rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Iran

Depending on your performance, you should choose your doctor for nose surgery in Iran in the first stage, and after you choose the doctor, he can ask you to go to the hospital where he works or they can do rhinoplasty in the office. So, according to your doctor's wishes, you can have rhinoplasty in the hospital or in the office.  There are many doctors who specialize in this field, but if we want to give an example of some of them, we must say that Dr. Fereydounpour Nasr, Dr. Mahmoud Dabir Ashrafi, and Dr. Taherian are among the doctors who have very high expertise in this field.



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