hair transplant in Iran

hair transplant in Iran 10/11/2020


What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is performed on people who have thinning or hair loss in order to restore their lost hair.  In general, hair transplantation is one of the most beautiful individual methods that can be very effective for your lost hair.  Note that the hair transplant in Iran is not a complicated process at all and can easily be done in the clinics of doctors who work in this field.  Material implants are performed in many countries, especially Iran, and Iran is one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplantation, which can provide many services to its customers.

                                                          What is a hair transplant?


Hair transplantation steps

Note that hair transplantation is generally referred to as the process by which your hair bank behind you is removed by a wide variety of methods and injected into the areas of your lower back.  In the first step, you need to determine how much you need a hair transplant, and if your need for a hair transplant is very strong, then you will go to different clinics and research how to transplant.  Maybe in the past there were only a limited number of methods and solutions for hair transplant in Iran, but today, due to the many advances that have been made in this field, many steps are used for hair transplantation.  In general hair transplant in Iran is done in two categories: strip transplantation and transplantation by extracting follicular units, each of which is used according to your needs.  In strip implantation, an area of ​​your scalp is created as a hair bank, and after these follicles are extracted from your hair, they are implanted on your scalp and low areas of your back.  In the extraction method, your follicular units do not need to be cut, and the hair follicles are extracted using tiny holes and implanted in the low back areas of your hair.

                                                        Hair transplantation steps

Costs and complications of hair transplant in Iran

Note that the costs of hair transplantation are very different, and depending on the quality of the clinic work and the type of transplantation and the small volume of your hair, these costs are different.  But in general, if you see a doctor, the doctor can check the condition of your head and tell you how much it costs to have a hair transplant on your head.  Note that in addition to going through the hair transplant in Iran, you must also experience its side effects. These cases are not so severe and occur in only one percent of patients, but you can still be unlucky and be one percent of patients.  In general, you can read about the side effects of hair transplants by reading other articles so that you can take good care of the implanted hair to avoid getting these various side effects and enjoy having beautiful hair.


last word

hair transplant in Iran has many supporters and you can be one of the people who come to Iran for hair transplantation without any problem.  Note that there are many clinics and doctors in this field and there are so many that we cannot introduce them to you, but in any case, with a little research in the field of clinics, we will do these services for you.  Go to a reputable clinic and visit their site to find out the quality of their work.

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