Hotels in Iran
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Kadus Grand Hotel Rasht

Rasht 5 based on 14 reviews

Address: Gilan Province, Rasht, Manzarieh Boulevard, Iran…

ریال6,840,000 | 6,840,000 ریال

Shabestan Hotel Rasht

Rasht 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: First Deadlock, Beside Bentolhoda St., Golsar…

ریال14,360,000 | 13,642,000 ریال

Pamchal Hotel Rasht

Rasht 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: 15 Khordad Street, Mosala Square, Rasht ,Iran…

ریال5,910,000 | 5,910,000 ریال

Pardis Hotel Rasht

Rasht 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: close to Manzariye , Imam Khomeini Blvd , Rasht…

ریال8,510,000 | 8,084,500 ریال

Ghadir Hotel Rasht

Rasht 2 based on 8 reviews

Address: Imam Reza Blv, Kushesfehan Ring, Rasht,Iran -…

ریال1,730,000 | 1,730,000 ریال

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