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Hotels in Sari

Asram Hotel, Sari

Sari 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Beltway, Helal Ahmar Square, Tajan Bridge, Sari, Mazandaran,…

ریال5,200,000 | 5,200,000 ریال

Navid Hotel, Qaemshahr

Qaemshahr 4 based on 12 reviews

Address:  Km 4 of Sari to Qaemshahr Road, Sari, Mazandaran,…

ریال2,670,000 | 2,670,000 ریال

Shahab Hotel, Gorgan

Gorgan 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Nahar Khoran Blvd., Gorgan, Golestan, Iran The…

ریال3,380,000 | 3,380,000 ریال

Azin Hotel, Gorgan

Gorgan 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Entrance of Gorgan City , Tehran-Gorgan Road, Gorgan…

ریال2,480,000 | 1,984,000 ریال

Naharkhoran Tourist Hotel, Gorgan

Gorgan 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Naharkhoran forest park, Naharkhoran boulevard,…

ریال2,270,000 | 2,270,000 ریال

Khayyam Hotel, Gorgan

Gorgan 2 based on 8 reviews

Address: Corner of Aftab St, Imam Khomeini St, Gorgan,Iran.…

ریال1,220,000 | 1,220,000 ریال

Ana Hotel, Urmia

Urmia 5 based on 14 reviews

Address:  Jam-E-Jam St. Shahid Beheshti (Jade Band)…

ریال12,000,000 | 12,000,000 ریال

International Park Hotel, Urmia

Urmia 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: In front of Bazaar, Imam St., Urmia, Iran Park…

ریال5,350,000 | 5,350,000 ریال

Tourist Hotel, Urmia

Urmia 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Kashani St., Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran Tourist…

ریال4,300,000 | 4,300,000 ریال

Sahel Hotel, Urmia

Urmia 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Valfajr 2 St., Urmia, Iran - Sahel hotel…

ریال2,830,000 | 2,830,000 ریال

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