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Hotels in Chalus

Malek Hotel, Chalus

Chalus 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: 17 Shahrivar St. Chaloos, Iran. -  

ریال3,640,000 | 2,984,800 ریال

Venus Plus Hotel, Namakabrud

Namakabrud 5 based on 14 reviews

Full Board Address: Namakabrud, Chalus, Mazandaran…

ریال8,900,000 | 8,900,000 ریال

Mizban International Hotel, Babolsar

Babolsar 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: 3 km on the Ring Rd, Babolsar,Iran -  

ریال3,380,000 | 3,380,000 ریال

Hotel Darband, Mahdi Shahr

Mahdishahr 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Darband hotel, Darband street, Dr, Shariati boulevard,…

ریال2,750,000 | 2,612,500 ریال

Hotel Sangesar, Mahdi Shahr

Mahdishahr 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Sahebe'a zaman st., Mehdi Shahr, Semnan, Iran.…

ریال2,970,000 | 2,821,500 ریال

Narenjestan Hotel, Izadshahr

Izadshahr 4 based on 12 reviews

Address:  Mahmoud Abad Road 7 km to Noor, Izadshahr,Mazandaran,Iran,…

ریال10,820,000 | 10,820,000 ریال

Morvarid Khazar Hotel, Izadshahr

Izadshahr 5 based on 14 reviews

Address: Km 14 of Mahmod Abad to Nour Road, Noor, Mazandaran,…

ریال4,680,000 | 4,212,000 ریال

Kuhpa Caravanserai, Kuhpayeh, Isfahan

Kuhpayeh 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: No 20, Khojasteh bakht street, Kuhpayeh town,…

ریال3,000,000 | 3,000,000 ریال

Sadaf Hotel, Mahmudabad

Mahmudabad 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Azadi Blvd, Mahmudabad, Mazandaran Province, Iran…

ریال2,040,000 | 1,836,000 ریال

Mahan Hotel, Mahmudabad

Mahmudabad 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Km 6 of Daryasar, Mahmudabad to Babolsar Road,…

ریال2,160,000 | 2,160,000 ریال

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