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Hotels in Baneh

Haleh Hotel Baneh

Baneh 5 based on 14 reviews

Address: Farmandari Square, Motahary Street,Bsneh,Iran.…

ع.د21,350 | ع.د17080

Arian Hotel Baneh

Baneh 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Shora Square, Sardasht Boulevard, Baneh, Kordestan.…

ع.د10,500 | ع.د9450

Dawinco Hotel Baneh

Baneh 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Daneshgah boulevard,entrance of Baneh,Kurdistan Province,Iran.…

ع.د18,150 | ع.د15427.5

Ghasr Hotel Bastam

Shahrud 4 based on 12 reviews

Address: Shahroud Azadshahr Road, Bastam Iran.  

ع.د18,000 | ع.د15300

Bastam Tourism Hotel

Bastam 2 based on 8 reviews

Address: Km 6 of Shahrud to Azadshahr Road, Bastam , Semnan,…

ع.د23,000 | ع.د18400

Laleh Hotel Bonab

Bonab 2 based on 8 reviews

Address: Moalem Sq, Bonab, East Azarbayjan Province.  

ع.د8,250 | ع.د7425

Morvarid sadra Hotel, Behshahr

Behshahr 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: 1. Next to Naft Khazar Company, after Shahid Salimi…

ع.د17,800 | ع.د16020

Hod Hod Hotel, Asalem, Talesh

Talesh 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Imam Khomeini Sq., Khalifeh Abad, Asalem, Talesh…

ع.د13,500 | ع.د13500

Tourism Hotel, Sirjan

Sirjan 2 based on 8 reviews

Address: Across cinema Qods, Khayyam street, Sirjan, Kerman,…

ع.د18,050 | ع.د14440

Reza Hotel Shirvan

Shirvan 3 based on 10 reviews

Address: Shirkuh mountain park, Shirvan, North Khorasan,…

ع.د11,100 | ع.د9435

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